Multimedia Files

Note: some are large and take a while to download, even using broadband.

Additional NC Architect and Designer Interviews
* = deceased

2018 *Bob Miller
2017 *Gene Watts Jones
2017 *Gil Slack

2013 Dail Dixon
2013 Ben Taylor
2013 *Jean Middleton
2012 Marley Carroll
2012 Doris Stanley

2012 *Owen Smith
2012 Harry Wolf
2012 Murray Whisnant
2012 *Don Stewart
2012 Truman Newberry
2012 *Haywood Newkirk
2012 Henry Johnston
2012 Abie Harris
2012 *John Oxenfeld
2012 *Harold Cooler
2012 Raymond Neutra
2011 Haigh Jamgochian
2011 Frank Harmon / Lewis Clarke
2011 *Bert King
2011 *Raymond Sawyer
2011 *Brian Shawcroft, Part 1
2011 *Brian Shawcroft, Part 2
2011 *Charlie Boney
2011 Charlie Kahn
2011 Robert (Judge) Carr
2011 Dick Bell
2011 Clinton Gravely
2011 Dan MacMillan
2011 *Betty Silver Howison
2010 *Elizabeth (Lib) Lee

The Charles Kahn Interviews

Charlie Kahn, an MIT graduate and Professor of Architecture at NCSU, recorded audio interviews in the 1970's with internationally-known architects.

Duke Digital Archive of Arts and Architecture

The Diamonstein-Spielvogel Video Archive features interviews Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel conducted with prominent artists, musicians, architects, designers, photographers, directors, actors, writers, and art collectors, documenting the arts world during the 1970's and 1980's. Also on YouTube.

The Steve Clipp Show

Chapel Hill architect Steven Clipp had an architecture radio show on the internet, later on WPTF, here.

NCMH Media Archives

2019 Citylab 
2018 WRAL's Tarheel Traveler
2018 No Redeeming Qualities Podcast
2017 Million Dollar Decorating podcast
2015 WPTF Radio
2014 WNCT-TV
2014 WUNC-TV North Carolina Now.
2014 WPTF Steven Clipp on the Cherry/Gordon house controversy.
2014 - Winston-Salem architect Adam Sebastian talks about Modernist Houses on the Camel City Dispatch. 
2014 - Raleigh Architect Erin Sterling Lewis speaks to McMichael High School for Project BauHow.
2013 - NCMH and George Smart receive the Legacy Award from AIA North Carolina.
2013 - WPTF Steven Clipp
2013 - HRH Prince Charles "Press Secretary" announces the name change from Triangle Modernist Houses to North Carolina Modernist Houses.
2012 - George Smart on the podcast "Winning the Dream Home Race" by Chapel Hill architect Steven Clipp.
2012 - Raleigh TedX talk by Phil Freelon on "Turning Ideas into Reality." 
2012 - Dion Neutra, son of Richard Neutra and NCMH's George Smart discuss Modernist architecture on WFAE Charlotte Talks.
2012 - George Smart presents Mayberry Modernism at Raleigh Pecha Kucha 12.
2011 - Charlie Kahn interviews Owen Smith, until 2012 the oldest practicing architect in North Carolina.
2011 - Frank Stasio talks with architects John Reese and Jon Zelwegger about why good architecture and good design make the world a better place in 91.5 WUNC Radio.
2010 - AIANC Center for Architecture and Design Groundbreaking by David Crawford. 
2010 - WFAE Charlotte Talks: Mid-Century Moderns in Charlotte, featuring Theo Prudon, Professor of Architecture at Columbia University; Diane Althouse, Executive Director, Historic Charlotte; Ken Lambla, Dean, College of Arts + Architecture at UNC Charlotte.
2010 - George Smart speaks on Mayberry Modernism at Raleigh's Urban Design Center.
2010 - George Smart interviews Jan Scruggs of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, part of the NCMH/Ackland Art+Architecture Trip.
2010 - George Smart on Mayberry Modernism at Ignite 2.0 in Raleigh.

2010 - The Cliff and Linda Butler House in Chapel Hill.

2009 - The AIA Triangle Diversity Committee showcases Four Architects.
2009 - George Smart on the Larry Lane Show.
2009 - NCMH wins a City of Raleigh Sir Walter Raleigh Award.
2009 - NCMH/NCSU 60 Years of Triangle Modernist Architecture
2009 - All About Preservation Easements by Preservation North Carolina.
2009 - George Smart reveals Raleigh's biggest secret.
2009 - WUNC Radio - The State of Things. George Smart discusses the 60th Anniversary of the NCSU College of Design.
2009 - Past AIANC Award Videos.
2009 - NCMH Tour of Cassilhaus designed by Ellen Cassilly.
2007 - WPTF-AM, The Bob Langford Show, featuring George Smart and Vinny Petrarca.
2006 - Charlotte Discussion: What's Ailing Architecture, featuring Manoj Kesovan.
2006 - Modernism Overview by the Charlotte Historic Landmarks Commission.
1966 - Ann Seltman's 1960's documentary "A is for Architecture."
1950's - Five Houses from Frank Lloyd Wright.