The Eduardo Fernando Catalano House in Raleigh NC (since destroyed): from left to right: Smitty, Ginny, Bev, Pam, and Marty in a photo by famed architecture photographer Ezra Stoller.

Who knew? North Carolina is one of the largest concentrations of Modernist houses in America! NCModernist is a 501C3 nonprofit educational archive providing donors, volunteers, and advocates information and organization to document, preserve, and promote North Carolina’s legacy of exceptional residential Modernist architecture. NCModernist is an influential community of architecture fans continually hosting wildly popular Modernist events, giving thousands of people access to the most exciting residential architecture past and present. We are the oldest and largest group dedicated to Modernist residential design in North Carolina.


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Mid-Century Modernist Houses are Endangered!

When bulldozers are on the way to Modernist houses, people tend to blame developers - which is unfair. Developers come only after many opportunities to save a house have been ignored. The real enemies: vacancy, time, and unrealistic selling prices. When homes are vacant, they decay faster. They are more susceptible to weather and vandalism when no one is around to care. Without active owners (or tenants), vacant houses suffer a slow, painful deterioration often resulting in demolition.  We preserve North Carolina Modernist houses by keeping them occupied. As part of our ongoing mission of preservation, this list reduces time on the market and gets these Modernist houses the caring occupants they deserve - faster.

Keep Modernist Houses from Destruction