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NCModernist Arant


Arant was born in Charlotte and graduated from Central High School in 1943. After serving in the Army Air Corps, he graduated from NCSU with an engineering degree in 1949 and moved back to Charlotte to work for H&S Lumber. He worked for John Crosland Company from 1960 to 1987. He retired in 1990 after working three years for Smith Allen Construction Company. On the side, he loved designing houses and did several in Charlotte. However, his only Modernist house was on Benita, below.



NCModernist NCModernist




1964 - The Hugh C. Mitchum Residence, 7212 Benita, Charlotte. Sold in 1992 to Michael R. Helms. Sold in2002 to Jonathan J. Meythaler. Sold in 2007 to Timothy Michael Obrien. Sold in 2008 to Roger L. Plaster. Sold in 2012 to Ronald Crider and Jeff Friedman. Sold in 2013 to Gail Jodon and Mark B. Hughes.

Other houses include:

171 North Canterbury Road, Charlotte.

4506 Country Land Road, Charlotte.

450 Blairmoor Drive, Charlotte.

8716 Briarcliff Place, Charlotte.

200 Heathwood Road, Charlotte.

211 Post Oak Road, Charlotte.

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Sources include: Gail Jodon, Roger Plaster, son Aubrey Y. Arant III, wife Inez Arant.