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Gaines was a native of Central, South Carolina, graduated from Central HS and Clemson University and went to work in 1922 for Joseph Emory Sirrine. Later he worked for Beacham and LeGrand and became a partner. He started his own firm in 1927.

Six Associates began in 1942 as an Asheville architectural firm established by Gaines and William Waldo Dodge Jr., Anthony Lord, William Stewart Rogers, Erle G. Stillwell, and Charles Waddell to qualify for defense contracts during World War II. The firm developed into the largest architectural practice in Western North Carolina.

Six Associates was bought by Ellis/Naeyaert/Genheimer Associates and operated as ENG/6A, later merging with Harley Ellington Pierce Yee to become Harley Ellis. In 2002, that firm became Callaway Johnson Moore & West.

Gaines retired from architectural practice in 1970. In 1975, Gaines estimated that he had planned two or three hundred residences. Gaines was author of the book, King's Maelum. His archives are at the Pack Memorial Library in Asheville NC. The following houses were designed primarily by Gaines either on his own or through Six Associates.


1928 - The George Howe Wilson House, Biltmore Forest NC. Location unknown.


1930 - The Ferdinand M. Bartelme House, 11 Greenwood Road, Biltmore Forest NC. Sold in 2007. Exterior altered.

1931 - The Louis Lipinsky House, 340 Kimberly Avenue, Asheville NC. Commissioned in 1929. Won a 1931 design award from AIANC. Featured in Architectural Record, January 1932. Sold in 2000.


1933 - A Colonial Cottage for $7,320, published in Good Housekeeping magazine.

1933 - The John P. Curran Renovation, aka Fernihurst, aka Viewmont, Victoria Road, Asheville NC. Built by Luther Merchant. Became part of the AB Tech campus.


Around 1934 - The Dorothy Green House, 4 Greenwood Road, Biltmore Forest NC. Sold in 1996.

1936 - The Edgar Fordtran House, 50 Glendale Road, Asheville NC. Sold in 2009.


1936 - The Carl Baumann House, aka Half Circle B Ranch House, Cane Creek Road, Fletcher NC. Destroyed.


1936 - The J. B. Trinler House, Arden NC. Status unknown.

1936 - The F. W. Davis House, 13 Hilltop Road, Biltmore Forest NC. Extensively renovated, original design gone, photo above. Sold in 2015.

1936 - The Julian A. Woodcock II House, 422 Vanderbilt Road, Biltmore Forest NC. Sold in 2016.

1937 - The Edna W. Gardner House, 19 Southwood Road, Biltmore Forest NC. Sold in 2002.

1939 - The John (or James) A. McKay House, 27 White Oak Road, Biltmore Forest NC. Sold in 2020.

1939 - The Mrs. Julian Woodcock House, 5 Park Road, Biltmore Forest NC. Sold in 2021.

1940 - The Roney Hilliard House, 33 Forest Road, Biltmore Forest NC. Sold in 1993.

1941 - The William T. Freeman House, 311 Vanderbilt Road, Biltmore Forest NC. Sold in 1968.

1941 - The Guy Carpenter House, 10 Forest Road, Biltmore Forest NC. Sold in 2012.

1945 - The T. L. Myer House, 112 Stuyvesant Road, Biltmore Forest NC.

1946 - The Orville M. Hewitt House, 6 Forest Road, Biltmore Forest NC. Sold in 2003. Destroyed. New house built.


Late 1940s-early 1950s - The George Nagel House, Asheville NC. Designed by Six Associates. Clayton Mays was the project architect. Status unknown.

1947 - House in Biltmore Forest NC. Status unknown.


1947 - 6 East Forest Road, Asheville NC. Sold in 2017 to Barbra S. and Charles K. Love.


1947 - The T. M. Thorpe Jr. House, Morganton NC. Status unknown.




1952 - The Margaret Manning House, 10 Pine Tree Road, Asheville NC. Sold in 1962 to Wava Doty Julien. Sold in 1966 to Peggy W. and Clyde D. Alley. Sold in 1973 to Maria L. and Robert B. Gelder. Sold in 1984 to Josephine C. and Henry K. Ruschmeyer. Sold in 1988 to Camille A. and J. Daniel Robinson. Sold in 1991 to Audrie F. and Harry R. Latowsky. Sold in 2005 to Julie C. and Michael A. Totora. Sold in 2007 to Kyoko I. and John C. Muecke. Sold in 2012 to Martha F. and Lenard D. Brinson. Sold in 2019 to Notin and John C. Weidman.


Around 1950 - The J. Bethel Clayton House, corner of Griffing and Blackwood, Asheville NC. Status unknown.

1955 - The John Carroll House, 8 Southwood Road, Biltmore Forest NC. Sold in 2017.


1955 - 11 Forest Road, Asheville NC. Sold in 2019 to Suzanne Suprenant and Dale A. Vanderwaal.

Sources include: Pack Library; NC Architects and Builders Database.