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Originally from Buffalo NY, Hoffman received her Bachelor's Degree at Evergreen State College in 1998 along with courses in architecture at the University of Washington in Seattle. She graduated from the University of Buffalo's School of Architecture and Planning in 2002 and taught Architecture History as a graduate assistant. Hoffman came to Durham NC in 2003. She created Hoffman Studio Design Build in 2015.

2019 - The Leslie-Gifford house, aka Gretel, 100A Pleasant Drive, Carrboro NC. Developed by Hoffman.


2020 - aka Hansel, 100B Pleasant Drive, Carrboro NC. Next door to Gretel. Unbuilt. Leslie and Gifford above bought the lot in 2019 and will keep it vacant.


2020 - The William Evangelista and Elizabeth Bobst Guest House, 100D Pine Street, Carrboro NC.


2020 - The Jenny Hoffman Renovation, Hillsborough NC. 1911 mill house. For sale in 2020.

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