The 2021-2022 NCModernist/ModHomes Architecture Movie Series

Sponsored by ModHomes Realtor Sarah Sonke, and by

Jose Lopez / Habenero Design

The Chelsea is a beloved Chapel Hill art house theatre that in normal times features fresh organic popcorn, local craft beers, and curated wine and soft drink sections. The Hunt Library on the campus of NC State was designed by Snohetta and is one of the most advanced libraries in the world.  Proceeds benefit the nonprofit documentation, preservation, and promotion work of NCModernist. Tickets are $13 per person per film.  Mod Squad members get in free at the Hunt Library.  All showings 7pm.  Please arrive no later than 645pm.  Food and drinks available for purchase at both locations.

Scheduled for October 2021 - Chelsea Theatre, Chapel Hill


Breuer's Bohemia (2021): The iconic twentieth-century architect Marcel Breuer was a prolific designer of residential architecture, which tends to be obscured by his early renown as a Bauhaus furniture maker and his large-scale projects. Breuer's Bohemia surveys the houses he designed in the suburbs of New York City, Connecticut and Massachusetts from the 1950s through the 1970s, many of which were commissioned by politically progressive clients, chiefly Rufus and Leslie Stillman and Andrew and Jamie Gagarin, who coalesced around him into a dynamic social circle. Featuring Q&A with producer James Crump by phone after the movie.

Scheduled for November 2021 - Hunt Library, NC State University, Raleigh

Built Beautiful (2021): For centuries, humans have sought to express beauty in architecture and art, but it is only recently that neuroscience is helping to determine how and why beauty plays an important role in our wellbeing.  Architects and neuroscientists are embarking on a new field of study in which subliminal responses to one’s built environment may influence the future of design. Experts argue that positive subliminal reactions lead to a pleasurable experience, one reminiscent of a powerful meditation session.  The question remains: what makes a building beautiful – or more specifically, which elements of the built environment does the brain recognize as beautiful?  Built Beautiful is a feature length documentary movie that examines these ideas as well as those embodied in the book Beauty, Neuroscience & Architecture by Don Ruggles. The movie features leading experts from around the world in the emerging field of neuro-aesthetics as well as academics, researchers, architects and interior designers.  Featuring Q&A with producer Don Ruggles by phone after the movie.

Scheduled for December 2021 - Chelsea Theatre, Chapel Hill


Zaha Hadid: Who Dares, Wins (2013): Born in Baghdad in 1950 and based in London, Zaha Hadid was perhaps the most successful female architect there has ever been. She was one of a handful of global superstar designers who have changed the way people think about the world through buildings. Yet this wasn't always the case - Hadid once had a reputation as an unbuildable, paper architect whose projects began as vivid paintings of gravity-defying shapes exploding into the void. How did this extraordinary and pioneering woman - by turns charming, stubborn, visionary yet exacting - come to build the impossible? Visit her buildings across the globe, from Austria to Azerbaijan to find out, as Alan Yentob explores what makes Zaha Hadid tick.

Scheduled for January 2022 - Hunt Library, NC State University, Raleigh

Double Feature: The Gene Leedy Influence + Levels of Kappe.  Featuring Q&A with Leedy producer Max Strang after the movie.

Scheduled for February 2022 - Chelsea Theatre, Chapel Hill


Scheduled for March 2022 - Hunt Library, NC State University, Raleigh

Neutra: Survival Through Design: A comprehensive documentary into the 125-year life, work, and times of Austrian/American Architect Richard Neutra – the legacy continued through the preservation work of sons Raymond and Dion Neutra.  Featuring Q&A with producer PJ Letofsky by phone after the movie.

Past NCModernist Architecture Movies Include:
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