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Standley grew up in Norfolk VA. In 1988, he interned with Skidmore Owens and Merrill. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in architecture in 1989. After graduation, he worked with Clark Nexsen for 10 years. There he met architect Michael Williams with whom he started Liquid Design in 2000.


2004 - The Dominika and Bjorn Greene House I, aka McDonald Avenue Residence, McDonald Avenue, Charlotte NC.

2004 - The Robert Vaughan Residence, aka Lake House V, 16710 Fidler Lane, Huntersville NC. 7000 sf Commissioned in 2002.

2008 - The Element Residences (4543, 4547, 4551, 4555, 4603, 4607), Craig Avenue, Charlotte NC. Built by CobaltDBS. Photos by CobaltDBS.

4543: Sold in 2012 to Kesha Barrington and Luther Eure. Sold in 2017 to Derek Slep and Associates, Inc.

4547: Sold in 2011 to Ronald Crider and Jeffrey H. Friedman. Sold in 2012 to Roger L. Plaster. Sold in 2013 to Eileen F. and George Erickson Jones, Jr. Sold in 2020 to Barbara Fisher.

4551: Sold in 2012 to Susan Morris.

4555: Sold in 2009 to Anthony Mosley. Sold in 2013 to John A. Birgerson.

4603: Sold to Jerolyn Adewoyan.

4607: Sold in 2008 to Thomas Philpott. Sold in 2009 to Eric Cowdin. Sold in 2012 to Sheldon and Nancy Schreiber. Sold in 2016 to Kimberly A. and Jason P. Schneider. Sold in 2017 to Tina M. Angelichio. Sold in 2019 to Dawn and James Douglas Armstromg, II.

2009 - The Andrew Baxter and Susan Gover Renovation and Addition, aka Aero House, 2114 Lockhart Drive, Charlotte NC. Original house built in 1948, bottom photo. Sold in 2017 to Tandy Kinneil Coltman and Mark Alexandre Haddad.



2010 - The Trust Condos, 139 South Tryon Street, Charlotte NC. Renovation of several floors of the former 1967 Home Federal Savings and Loan into condos. The 7th floor penthouse was sold to Michael Jordan who had a private elevator installed into an existing maintenance shaft.

2011 - The Mathis and Christina Hunoval Renovation, aka Copper House, 300 South Clarkson Street, Charlotte NC. Sold in 2015 to Michelle Buckley.

2011 - The Brian Moran Renovation, aka the M5 Renovation, 907 Mount Vernon Avenue, Charlotte NC. Modern renovation of a 1989 traditional house, bottom photo. Sold in 2014 to Stephen A. Small and Farangis Parsi Goshtasbpour.

2011 - The Tracy Bonfield Residence Renovation, 1835 Asheville Place, Charlotte NC. Upstairs addition and interior renovation of a 1936 traditional house, bottom photo.

2012 - The Amy and Chad Clark House, aka the Treehouse, 10424 Sweetleaf Place, Charlotte NC.




2013 - The Krishnan Gangadhar and Indu Aidyanthan Renovation/Addition, aka LotusHaus, 3200 Lazy Branch Road, Charlotte NC. Transformation of a 1973 1500sf ranch, bottom photo. Photos 2-4 by Diedra Laird.

2013 - The Dominika and Bjorn Greene House, aka ZHaus, 809 McDonald Avenue, Charlotte NC. Built on the site of a 1947 house, bottom photo.

2013 - The James and Heidi Fiscus Renovation and Addition, aka FORMhaus, 222 Wonderwood, Charlotte NC. Built on the site of a 1957 house, bottom photo. Sold in 2013 to Karen B. and Joseph B. Johnson. Sold in 2015 to Kim and Daniel Brown Wallihan.

2013 - The EMHouse, unbuilt.

2015 - The Evan G. and Tonya Miller House, 1326 Queens Road West, Charlotte NC.


2017 - The Michael Lee and Sarah E. Standley House, 2901 Rockbrook Drive, Charlotte NC. Built by Standley.

Sources include: Mike Standley; Michael Williams; Heidi and James Fiscus; Historic Charlotte.