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After graduating from from high school in Greensboro, Williams attended NCSU from 1940 to 1943 then served in WWII. In 1948, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Architecture and worked for architects in Philadelphia and Greensboro. He joined his brother Carter William's firm as a draftsman and became a partner in 1955. A giving volunteer, he served on dozens of community and AIA committees over several decades. He was President of the AIANC in 1975. Williams' many commercial designs include Athens Drive High School in Raleigh. He was also part of the design team for the Matsumoto Wing of the NCSU School of Design. Video: The Turner Williams House


1957 - The Turner and Alexa Williams House, 3608 Alamance Drive, Raleigh NC. Sold in 1986 to Arthur and Nancy Thorn. Sold in 1987 to Robert and Beth Friedland Rosenthal. Sold in 2008 to Mitch Hazouri.

1972 - The Abe and Sylvia Holtzman House, 3606 Alamance Drive, Raleigh NC. Sold in 2017 to Kathleen M. and Robert V. Hofstadter.

Sources include: AIANC; Macon Smith; daughter Sally Williams McCormick; Beth Friedland Rosenthal.