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Whitehurst grew up in Wagram NC and at age 10 moved to Abbeville SC. He graduated from Clemson with a BS in Architecture in 1993 and worked with Stevens and Wilkinson in Columbia SC. He graduated from NCSU with a Masters in Architecture in 1998 and worked for Clearscapes in Raleigh NC. He started his own firm in 2000 and served for six years on the City of Raleigh Appearance Commission.  He is also co-owner of one of Raleigh's most famous bars, Foundation, with Will Alphin.


Around 2012 - aka Flint Addition, Raleigh NC.

Around 2018 - aka Longview Addition, Raleigh NC. Built by Arrowhead.

2019 - The Matt Botzum Duplex, 1621 Nottingham Road, Raleigh NC. Unbuilt.

2020 - The Samuel and Shannon Bellezza House, 3306 Octavia Street, Raleigh NC.

2024 - The Richard and Anne Fletcher ADU, aka Flint ADU, 1307 Flint Place, Raleigh NC. Commissioned 2022.

Sources include: Matt Botzum; Vincent Whitehurst.