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Butner was a graduate of R. J. Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem. He graduated from NC State University's Architectural Engineering program in 1949. He worked for Salem Architects and Macklin Stinson before establishing his own architecture firm in 1952. Butner was the architect for over 100 school and college projects in Forsyth County and Northwest North Carolina, including multiple buildings at Forsyth Technical Community College, Surry Community College, West Forsyth High School, and many others. He was president of AIA North Carolina in 1971.

1955 - The H. F. and Ellen C. Forsyth House, 434 South Westview Drive, Winston-Salem.
Built by Hugh Pratt. Sold in 1971 to Paul and Carolyn Marshall who still owned it as of 2012.

1955 - The Charles Benbow Jr. Residence, 3910 Camerille Farm Road, Winston-Salem. Sold to Betsy Babcock. There was a sympathetic addition of a family room in 2002 by architect Quinn Pillsworth. Sold in 1986 to John and Linda Garrou. Another addition in 1993. Top photo by Ormando Harris. Set within a 50+ acre nature conservancy. Sold in 2014 to Elizabeth M. and Jerry L. Haas.

1955 - The Fred and Martha Butner House, 397 Plymouth Avenue, Winston-Salem NC. Sold in 2008 to Robert D. and Bonnie Byerly. Sold in 2012 to the Coletta B. Boan Revocable Trust. Destroyed and replaced, bottom photo.

1956 - The Butner House, 2800 Greenwich, Winston-Salem NC. Designed by Butner for his father. Sold to Betty S. Yount. Deeded to her son around 2013.

Sources include: Curtis Leonard, Heather Fearnbach.