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About George Matsumoto

The George Matsumoto Prize for North Carolina Modernist residential architecture is a unique design competition featuring $6,000 in awards, a blue-ribbon jury of internationally-known architects, critics, and designers, and online public voting. 

Past jurors include Tom Kundig, Frank Harmon, Jeanne Gang, Eric Gartner, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Alison Brooks, Nathan Crowley, Marlon Blackwell, Larry Scarpa, David Jameson, Harry Bates, Harry Wolf, Helena Arahuete, Maryann Thompson, Brion Jeannette, Peter Gluck, Bev Thorne, and Ray Kappe.

NCMH created the Matsumoto Prize in 2012 honor of
George Matsumoto, one of the founding faculty members of North Carolina State University's College of Design. Matsumoto created some of North Carolina's most well-known and well-loved Modernist houses.  After a long career, he died in 2016.

The Matsumoto Prize encourages young architects, designers, and prospective clients to continue the Modernist movement in houses so important to North Carolina's artistic leadership. Most people don't realize, or even suspect, that North Carolina has the third largest concentration of Modernist houses in America. Yet, thanks to Henry Kamphoefner and the establishment of the NCSU School of Design in 1948, we do.

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