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Kathy Crook was born in Lillington NC.  She started as a veterinarian but changed majors to graduate from the NCSU School of Design in 1974, one of only three women in the class.  Her marriage to a Maguire while in design school lasted only a short time.  Although she never got her architectural license, she did get a willing first client.  Her mother, Edna Baggett Crook, purchased land next door to sister Margaret Dolan and commissioned Kathy to design a retirement house.  


Unfortunately, Dolan died during construction and Edna Crook changed her mind about moving in.  It was decided that Kathy Crook would live there instead.  She married Charles Teague around 1981 and had one daughter, Mary Reese. They divorced in the 1980's and she changed her name back to Crook.  Later in the 1990's, Jim Nestor moved into the house and they had two sons.


Crook worked as a planner for the City of Durham most of her career, drafting plans for the city while managing crews of men who were not always enthusiastic about receiving direction from a woman in what was then an entirely male-dominated field.  She was laid off from the City around 1995.  She died in a 2004 car accident.


According to Jim Nestor and her daughter Mary Reese, she designed two other houses, one located in Morehead City.





1977 - The Kathy Crook Maguire Residence, 33 Mount Bolus Road, Chapel Hill. 3310 square feet, featuring an incredible round living room with a dome skylight in the center. She served as the general contractor. A small addition was put on in 1995 after Hurricane Fran. There was also renovation from a small fire. Kathy vividly loved the outdoors and the isolation from the surrounding woods that she refused to allow a driveway, instead parking on the street and walking 50 feet of stairs and decking to reach the front door.  The house was vacant for about two years.  Sold in 2008 to investors Arthur and Shaun Bruemmer who sold in 2009 to Lisa Davis.  A much-needed driveway was added.  Sold in 2010 to Michelle and Christopher Pratico.

Sources include:  Jim Nestor, Mary Reese, Shaun Bruemmer.