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Crump was born at a farmhouse owned by Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin East in Wisconsin. After serving in WWII, Crump graduated from the College of Architecture at Cornell in 1949 with a Bachelor of Architecture degree then worked for Rhees Burkett and T. B. Bourne.  He became a registered architect in 1952 and started working for Larson and Larson overseeing the construction of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem NC. Cump started a solo architectural practice in Winston-Salem in 1955.  He left his firm in 1968 to become a professor of architecture at Cornell.  After a long tenure teaching, he retired to Easton MD in 1983 and continued to work in historic restoration.



 1958 -  The George K. and Berletta S. Walker House, 102 North Avalon, Winston-Salem. Deeded in 1998 to a Berletta Walker Trust.  Sold in 2011 to Chris and Heather Bowen.


1961 - The Richard G. and Mary Weaver House, 2842 Galsworthy Drive, Winston-Salem.  Sold in 2013 to Suzanne Craft and Laura D. Baker.  Renovated by Tom Maul of Seattle. 



 1962 - The Louis and Jane Shaffner Residence, 740 Pine Valley Road, Winston-Salem. Sold in 2008 to David and Seoyoung Ahn.


1962 - The William H. and Gwendolyn Andrews House, 3640 Spaulding Drive, Winston-Salem.  Still owned as of 2014 by Gwendolyn Andrews.

1967 - The Benjamin M. and Margaret Seelbinder House, 2171 Royall Drive, Winston-Salem.  Sold in 1985 to Brian and Sarah Meehan.  Deeded in 1998 to Sarah Meehan.  Sold in 2004 to Melinda N. and William E. Conner.

 1968 - The David A. and Barbara B. Hills House, 2160 Royall Drive, Winston-Salem.  Commissioned 1967.  Architect Stuart Hills grew up there.  Sold in 2007 to David Anderson and Sharon Fortner who added a garage.

1968 - The Emily H. and Ed Wilson House, 3381 Timberlake Lane, Winston-Salem.  Still owners as of 2017.

Sources include: Cornell University, Stuart Hills, Sally Warther.