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Hackney was born in Siler City NC and graduated in Architectural Engineering from NC State University in 1927. He came to Durham as part of the architecture and engineering staff working on Duke's West Campus. Upon completion at Duke, he started a firm focused on high end residences via his connections to prominent Durham families as the Dukes, Biddles, Teers, and Kenans. The firm grew and Hackney offered partnership to former intern Charles Knott. During WWII, Hackney taught structural engineering at Duke and designed Duke's Rose Bowl float when it was played in Durham. Hackney and Knott's firm continued as Sears, Hackney, Keener & Williams. Company president Bill Sears joined the company as a student in 1961.


Charles Franklin Knott was born in Durham. He went to NCSU to study architectural engineering but did not graduate. Instead he earned his license through apprenticeship with George Hackney. Knott started with Hackney in 1932, a team that would last 50 years until Knott's death in 1982. Their commercial projects included much of Campbell College (later renamed Campbell University) and the main Durham County Library.  Hackney and Knott did primarily traditional houses, but they also designed a few Modernist houses such as the 1954 Davis House below.

1930 - 1106 Englewood, Durham. Sold to M. Sid and Jo Ruth Stallings. Sold to Kyle and Christina Chenet in 2002. Sold in 2006 to Alan and Erika Stone.

1934 -1017 Demerius Street, Durham. Sold to Robert McDuffie. Sold in 2009 to Martin Steinmeyer and Janice McCarthy.

1936 - The George F. Hackney House, 1012 West Knox Street, Durham. .George Hackney lived here until moving to a nursing home in 1992.  Sold in 1996 to Damian and Mary Craig who still owned it as of 2012.

1936 - 1014 West Knox Street, Durham. Sold in 2006 to Kenneth and Christina Herold. Sold in 2009 to James and Christine Edmondson.


1938 - The Friedman House, 1006 West Trinity, Durham. Sold in 2006 to David and Sarah Nevill. Sold in July 2010 to the GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust. Sold in 2010 to Carol Dianne Martin. Sold in 2013 to James A. an Mini C. Miles.

1939 - The F. G. Hall House, north side of Pinecrest Road, Durham. Unsure if built. Plans were drawn up and put out for bid. 

1941 - The Albert E. and Ruth Wackerman House, 3610 Dover Road, Durham. Sold in 1967 to Clark C. and Karen Havighurst, who did several renovations and expansions with Hackney and Knott. Sold in 2006 to Diane Johnson and James Reynolds. Sold in 2010 to Sarah and William Nicholson. Photo by Tad DeBerry.

1950 - The Charles Knott House, 1000 West Forest Hills, Durham. Sold to Pamela S. Williams.  Sold in 2015 to the Frank A Ward Family Trust .

1951 - 2201 Pershing Street, Durham. Built by Wade Cavin. Sold to second owner Stephen Hiltner. Sold in 2006 to Theodore Outwater. 

1952 - The Willis and Emily Aldridge House, 3322 Devon Road, Durham. Heirs sold in 1983 to Cynthia T. and Jim McAbee. Sold in 1987 to Nancy A. and Joseph A. Stephens. Sold in 1995 to Victoria H. and Rodney H. Ward. Sold in 1997 to Cathy Ann Smith, still owner as of 2014. 

1953 - The Wade H. Penny House, 1005 West Club Boulevard, Durham. Designed by Knott. The Penny heirs sold in 1995 to Robert Willard Rumpf and George Buddy Dean, still owners as of 2014. 

1954 - The Alex and Polly Davis Residence, 808 Kings Mill Road, Chapel Hill. Commissioned 1952. Construction by Van Thomas of Siler City. Two additions: one in 1963 by Hackney and Knott. The second 1972 addition by William (Bill) Stewart enclosed the garage and added a large room on the southeast side of the house. Photos by Leilani Carter. Sold in 1957 to James C. (Jimmy) and Nina G. Wallace who still owned it as of 2014. 

Other Houses Include:

Year unknown - The George Allen House, Warrenton NC. He was head of the Duke Endowment. Built for his sisters.

Year unknown - The Raymond C. Firestone House, Youngs Road area, Southern Pines. 

Firestone built a second house in 1968 at 172 Old Mail Road, designed by architect Mott B. Schmidt. Sold in 2012 to Quail Glen LLC.

Year unknown - The Cameron House, Hope Valley area of Durham.

Year unknown - The Barringer House, Dover and Avon, Durham. Destroyed. Photo by Tad DeBerry.

1976 - The Jerry M. and Betty Wallace House, aka the Campbell University President's House, 1767 Keith Hills Road, Lillington NC. Commissioned 1975. Jerry Wallace was the President of Campbell University until his retirement in June 2015. The Wallaces still own the house as of June 2015.

Hackney and Knott House List: First two digits are the year the project was commissioned.

4601 W. L. Cooper
4602 S. J. Nicholson
4603 Carl Goodwin
4604 Charles Cheek
4606 Wortham G. Lyon
4607 H. G. Dowling
4609 Hall Wynne Chapel
4611 Mrs. Louis Brown 
4612 S. B. Knight
4614 M. B. Melvin
4616 E. T. Newton
4617 Dr. Derwin Cooper
4619 M. B. Fowler
4620 E. L. Tilley
4621 Dr. E. E. Menefee
4622 O. J. White
4624 E. H. Michaels
4625 J. E. Burroughs
4626 Homer C. Starling
4629 J. H. Coman, Jr.
4630 Dr. Emil Cekada 
4631 Byers W.Watkins
4632 Leon S. Nichols
4633 Sam Bason
4634 C. H. Shipp
4635 Preston L. Fowler, Jr.
4636 H. C. Pollard, Jr.
4637 Cecil McClees
4639 David D. Jones
4640 Welford Headen
4641 W. H. Miller
4644 Lester Bray
4645 Herbert F. Steinka
4646 Mrs. J. D. Bourne
4647 Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Robbins
4648 Capt. & Mrs. G. C. Westervelt
4649 Mr. Jacob Apter
4650 Mr. C. W. Robbins
4652 Richard Ives
4653 A. T. Weatherly
4654 Frank Justice
4655 P. H. Kolbi
4657 Jan Philip Schinhan
4659 Alterations to Erwin Residence
4660 Mr. Ralph Van Trine
4661 Marshall Y. Cooper
4663 Mrs. Mattie T. Bitting
4663 Sam Newton
4664 Mr. D. C. Haithcock
4672 Basil M. Watkins
4673 Anson K. Chesson
4674 E. P. Sneed
4675 Carl A. Turner
4676 S. O. Gantt
4677 Henry T. Perkins
4701 Arnold Hall
4702 Dan Marshall
4703 D. C. May
4705 W. R. Kimbro
4706 O. W. Hudson
4708  J. M. M. Gregory
4715 W. C. Spaulding
4719 Mr. Basil Watkins
4721 Henry Barge
4722 H. H. Hopkins
4723 S. W. Sparger 
4723 J. H. Zollicoffer
4724 Dr. A. H. London
4725 R. E. Kepler
4726 B. M. Currin
4727 Lawrence Neese
4729 James Petway
4731 Alex Davis
4732 R. L. Nichols
4733 Mrs. W. A. Fulford
4734 Drs. Charles & Vance Rollins
4735 Dr. W. W. Eagle
4739 Dr. E. L. Persons
4740 E. G. Atkins
4741 H. W. Kimbrell
4743 George E. Munz
4745 J. Fleming Wily
4746 W. R. Kimbro
4749 Linwood Balden
4752 S. J. Nicholson
4753 Hal L. Ballew
4755 J. I. McBroom
4759 R. L. Brame (Residence
4760 C. B. Markham
4762 Mrs. Marie McCullen
4763 H. H. Lewis
4765 W. T. Coman
4771 Walter T. Hamlet
4772 O. L. Johnson, J. B. Gates (Plans)
4774 Mr. J. M. Ray (Duplex Residence)
4775 W. H. Cooksey
4803 Mr. R. G. Hurst
4809 Curtis Hobbie
4810 Stephen H. Millender
4812 Dr. John Dees
4813 Mrs. Marie McCullen
4814 Mr. Russel Chandler (Duplex Plans)
4815 Dr. F. H. Edmister 
4817 W. R. Kimbro
4820 W. E. Horner 
4821 Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Branch
5303 Mr. S. C. Ray
5304 Mr. and Mrs. Sam Freedman
5305 Chas. R. Skinner, Jr.
5307 Frank Southerland, Mebane, N. C.
5309 Nello L. Teer
5310 Dr. Deryl Hart
5311 Clarence Jones, Hillsboro, N. C.
5313 Dr. R. E. Richardson, Chapel Hill, N. C
5314 Mrs. Gideon Macon, Warrenton, NC
5315 H. S. Crain, Lot 25 and 26
5317 Ned May
5319 H. S. Crain, Watts Norton, Lot 6
5321 Lot 6, Block D, Watts Norton, Hope Valley
5323 Mrs. Marjorie Campbell, Chapel Hill, N. C.
5324 Mrs. Helen P. Finley, Chapel Hill, N. C.
5325 Mr. Robert Varley, Chapel Hill, N. C.
5327 Dr. C. N. Patterson, Hope Valley
5329 D. W. Sorrel
5330 Dr. Earl Bane, Lawrenceville, N. C.
5331 Dr. James S. Wilson
5332 Mrs. Dewey Cline
5335 Forrest A. Pollard
5336 Dr. A. Rosenstein
5340 Dr. Chas. Flowers, Chapel Hill, NC
5403 Mr. and Mrs. Alec S. Davis, Chapel Hill, NC
5404 Addition to Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Dillard Teer
5405 B. Perry Rose, Henderson
5408 Mr. George G. Allen, Warrenton, NC
5411 Sam Byrd Winstead, Roxboro, NC
5412 Kings Daughters Home
5413  Dr. A. Rosenstein
5416 N. A. Gregory
5419 Dr. A. H. London
5421 Mrs. W. H. Dameron, Warrenton, NC
5422 Mr. Robert D. Boyce, Glenn Lennox, Chapel Hill
5424 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Parker, 909 Marrow Drive
5426 W. B. Kirkland
5427 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bagwell
5430 Mr. and Mrs. Ned H. May
5431 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Johnson, Aberdeen, N. C.
5432 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Averette, Oxford, NC
5434 William Taylor, Jr., Warrenton
5435 W. H. Branch (Addition) Chapel Hill
5436 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Knight
5501 Miss Ruth Perry
5502 H. E. Gwyn
5506 Dr. A. Rosenstein
5507 Mr. & Mrs. R. G. S. Davis, Jr., Henderson, NC
5510 Dr. and Mrs. Charles Rollins, Henderson
5511 Dr. McDonald Dick
5512 Mr. G. L. Simpson, Chapel Hill
5513 Van Straaten's
5513 Mr. & Mrs. F. W. Clonts, Winston-Salem, NC
5516 C. C. Hamlet
5517 Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Brame
5519 R. E. Quinn, Hope Valley
5520 Charles Dark, Siler City, N. C.
5522 Mrs. Lottie Lee Gray
5523 Mr. Loran Clark
5524 L. H. Harvin, Jr., Henderson, NC
5525 Mrs. Lawrence Wall, Henderson, NC
5526 A. Augustus Zollicoffer, Jr., Henderson
5527 Dr. and Mrs. William Noland, Chapel Hill, N. C.
5528 H .S. Burns, Jr., Wake Forest
5529 Arthur W. Knight
5531 Dr. D. T. Carr
5532 Dr. Geo. F. Kirkland, Jr.
5533 C. E. Rodwell, Warrenton, NC
5534 Dr. I. E. Harris
5536 Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Ogburn, Hope Valley
5537 Mr. Chas. A. Moore
5538 Mrs. Lyman A. Cotten, Chanel Hill, NC
5539 A. A. Zollicoffer, Jr., Henderson, NC
5540 Mr. J. D. Starkey
5602 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Noblin, Hope Valley
5603 Thomas S. White, Jr.
5604 Nello L. Teer
5606 Frank Southerland
5610 Dr. R. W. Postlethwait
5612 Dr. W. C. Sealy, Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C
5613 C. W. Tilson Residence
5614 Mr. and Mrs. H. Spencer Boyce, Hope Valley
5615 Clarence Jones, Hillsboro, NC
5616 Dr. Thomas Long, Roxboro, NC
5617 H. C. Pollard, Jr.
5619 Mr. and Mrs. Charlie James, Hillsboro, NC
5622 Dr. M. B. Roberts, Hillsboro, NC
5626 Dr. S. H. Massey, Warrenton, NC
5627 Miss Helen Clement, Oxford N, C.
5628 Mr. and Mrs. Joel T. Cheatham, Henderson, NC
5629 Capt. and Mrs. Gordon Campbell, Hope Valley
5630 Dr. S. H. Massey, Warrenton, NC
5631 Mrs. O. G. Parsley, Hillsboro NC
5635 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rodwell Addition, Warrenton
5636 Mrs. W. G. Thomas
5637 Dr. Robert R. Huntley, Warrenton
5638 Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Clements, Jr., Henderson
5640 Geo. E. Daniel, Oxford, NC
5705 R. T. Winstead, Roxboro, NC
5706 Dr. R. J. Caroret
5709 Mrs. H. A. Palmer, Sanford, NC
5710 Mr. J. Cobb, Sanford, NC
5713 D. L. Boone, Jr.
5714 Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Smith, Hillsboro, NC
5715 Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Newcomb, Henderson
5718 Sybil S. Geary, RFD 3, Chapel Hill
5719 Geo. H. Adams, Wilson, NC
5722 Mr. and Mr. S. Settle Dockery, Rockingham
5723 W. H. Averette, Jr.
5727 Dr. E. E. Menefee
5729 Van Straaten's
5730 Capt. & Mrs. Gordon Campbell
5731 Dr. J. B. Rhine
5801 Mr. James M. Bates
5802 Mr. W, K. Rand
5804 Mr. John Perkinson, Oxford, N. C.
5805 Mr. R. G. Kittrell, Henderson, N. C.
5806 Chas. F. Jones
5809 J. B. Sherman
5820  J. D. Starkey
5822 H. M. Taylor, Pinehurst, NC
5823 Mrs. William B. Umstead
5825 Dr. I. H. Manning
5826 Bernard Le Brun, Greensboro, NC
5901 Paul Barringer, Weldon, NC
5903 Norwood A. Thomas
5905 Conrad Sturges, Winston Salem, NC
5906 W. W. Edwards, Hope Valley, Durham NC
5908 Van Straatens
5909 Mrs. E. A. Jones, Greensboro, NC
5910 Mrs. Arthur Lacey, Pinehurst, NC
5911 Dr. L. S. Daniel, Oxford, NC
5913 Horace Robinson
5914 E. A. Jones, Greensboro, NC
5919 J. W. Carpenter
5923 B. Perry Rose, Henderson, NC
5924 Edward Griffin, Louisburg, NC
5926 G. W. Rhew
5927 Robert M. Davis, Warrenton, NC
6001 Mrs. William Gray Long, Garysburg, NC
6002 Van Straatens
6003 Mr. John Burr, Pinehurst, NC
6006 Dr. and Mrs. L. Sam Daniel, Oxford, NC
6007 Kenan Rand Jr.
6010 Henry Blair, Pittsboro, NC
6012 J. R. Malone
6017 Dr. Max Schiebel
6018 Mr. Sam Byrd Winstead
6026 Mr. Fred C. Justice
6030 Arthur W. Clark
6031 Perry A. Sloan, Durham NC.
Landscape design by Lewis Clarke.
6101 Jesse Eisenberg, Henderson, NC
6102 Walter Robins, Pinehurst, NC
6105 Dr. J. Winston Pearce
6109 Perkinson Currin, Oxford, NC
6110 Williiam Frantz, Pinehurst
6111 Mrs. Boyd Morris, Greensboro, NC
6114 Dr. A. J. Ellington, Jr., Burlington
6115 W. L. Perry, Durham
6116 Harry M. Taylor, Pinehurst
6118 Dr. L. S. Daniel (cabana), Oxford, NC
6119 Jerry Harris, Oxford
6122 Van Straatens (Ivy Cellar)
6123 Wesley Memmorial Parsonage, Warrenton
6126 LeRoy Clark, Durham
6129 Dr. Harvey Rubin, Greensboro
6131 Don Silver, High Point
6202 W. T. Cheatham, Statesville,
6204 Tommy Crudup
6205 Lonnie Small
6207 Horace W. Fowler
6216 W. P. Biggers, Durham
6220 A. A. Williams, Warrenton
6221 Dr. Patterson Residence, Hope Valley, Durham
6224 James Wallace, Chapel Hill
6225 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Griswell, Durham
6227 R. Wensell Grabarek
6228 S. Philip Harris, Jr., Henderson
6303 G. A. Barrett Residence - Chapel Hill, NC
6304 Norman M. Hunt Residence - Durham, NC
6308 Mr. & Mrs. A. G. Borden, Jr. - Henderson, NC
6310 G. B. DeLoatche
6315 Mr. William A. Blount
6316 Sycho Pickett
6317 Ricca & Nelson - Durham, NC
6319 Walter A. Biggs
6321 Robert F. Baker - c/o W. W. Edwards
6322 Herbert Todd -Pinehurst, NC
6324 LeRoy Clark - Carport Addition
6325 J. Wesley Lewis
6326 David Hessee
6327 Mr. Norman Toerge, Jr.
6328 Mr. A. A. Zollicoffer, Jr.
6331 Mr. & Mrs. G. Watts Fowler 
6332 Mr. & Mrs. A. H. Tomlinson 
6401 L. D. Kirkland Jr.
6403 Frank Southerland 
6404 John C. Von Schlegell 
6405 Walter J. Alston, Jr. 
6406 Norman A. Amstutz 
6407 J. C. Pittman
6409 John C. Williams 
6410 Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Parrott 
6411 Pat Foy Brady 
6413 Mrs. Walker G. Blair, Jr., Burlington NC.
Landscape architecture by Lewis Clarke. Unbuilt.
6415 James L. Nicholson, Jr.
6417 Smith Young Residence
6418 Charles Blanks Residence
6419 Robert F. Beard Residence
6420 Charles Broadfoot Residence
6423 Beach Cottage - Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Gunter
6426 Mr. Jacques Hardre Residence
6431 G. A. Barrett
6501 Jas. R. Patton
6502 Mrs. Norman Toerge
6503 Mr. & Mrs. Norman Amstutz
6507 Kenan Rand Jr.
6508 Dr. R. M. Williamson
6511 Mr. & Mrs. Romane L. Clark
6514 Thomas S. White
6516 Mr. Alex G. Thomerson
6518 Mrs. Arthur Lacey
6519 Thomas B. DeLoache
6520 Dr.Thomas Hinson
6521 Henry Stoever
6522 Dr. L. W. Kornegay
6524 Marvin Harris
6527 H. 0. Schoolfidd, Jr. 
6528 Loy D. Thompson, Jr.
6531 Livingston Biddle
6532 Robert Variety
6533 C. W. Tilson
6535 Mrs. R. L. Brame
6603 William Cheatham
6604 H. F. Ford
6605 Mrs. Betsy LeBrun
6608 L. A. Corbett
6615 Mr. Robert Silver
6616 C. N. Hibberd, Jr.
6617 Raymond Firestone - Remodeled Mgr's Residence
6618 Raymond Firestone - Groom's Quarters
6619 Marcus G. Carpenter, Jr.
6620 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Webb
6623 Raymond Firestone Residence
6624 L. D. Kirkland, Jr.
6625 William Teer
6627 Dr. & Mrs. Joe Boyd 
6631 C. Marshall Davis
6701 C. H. Wells
6704 Albert E. and Ruth Wackerman House
6705 Frank Kenan
6706 J. R. Patton
6709 King's Daughter
6711 Addition to Residence of Mr. Robert Varley
6712 1013 Watts St., Remodeling, Durham, NC
6714 Hilton R. Campbell
6715 Dr. P. F. Parshley
6721 E. T. Rollins Residence
6723 Dr. & Mrs. John Evans
6801 Virgil Hager, Residence
6803 Mrs. Reed Harris, Residence
6804 Mrs. James C. Walker
6807 L. D. Kirkland alterations
6809 Harold Talton
6810 Hill Yarborough
6814 William C. Poweil
6815 Milton Barber
6818 R. F. Yarborough
6819 W. L. Parrott Addition
6821 Ike Andrews
6827 George Burwell alterations
6828 Perry Sloan alterations
6913 G. A. Barrett
6914 Dr. J. Winston Pearce
6918 C. Paul Roberts
6920 David Colquitt
7004 Hitchings Residence - Durham, NC 
7005 J.G. -Mrs. Matthews - Residence, Henderson, NC
7008 Dr. James S. Wilson
7012 Ralph Daniel Renovation
7101 E. T. Rollins (Porch Alterations)
7108 Andrew H. Christian
7111 Baldwins
Mary W. Hall, 53 Pine Cone Drive, Oxford NC
Dr. J. B. Rhine
W. W. Noblin

Sources include: Jim Wallace, Bill Sears, Charles Franklin (Frank) Knott, Jr., George Franklin (Frank) Hackney, Jr.