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Stevens was born in Marshville NC and grew up in Albemarle NC.  She wanted to study architecture, but her mother was against it.  She attended UNC-G studying math and art.  Columbia was not accepting women at the time, so she attended Syracuse University and later, when Columbia changed its mind, she graduated with a Bachelor in Architecture.  In 1941 while at Syracuse, the Central New York chapter of the American Institute of Architects presented her an award for Excellence in Design.  Sometime during WWII, she worked for the Army for a year and helped design Camp Davis in Holly Ridge NC.  Her uncle was NC Governor Luther Hodges. She married Jack E. Stevens in 1945.

After he was discharged from the Navy, they lived in Charlotte for a short while, then moved near Pittsburgh PA, Jack's home.  There she worked for a Pittsburgh architecture firm.  In the mid-1950's, they started Jack Stevens Builder as a design/build firm.  She was the designer.  Jack was the contractor, working on traditional houses. They had three daughters, now Susan Mikalauskis, Barbara Harrison, and Martha Brown.  Wanting to return to NC full time, they moved in 1968, settling in Burlington briefly, building a few houses there, then moved to Chapel Hill and developed several houses. 

Around 1974, they moved to Charlotte and built a few homes there. By 1979, they bought a condo in Pinehurst, and started building houses there, including one for themselves. Jack died in 1981, and Anne moved to her house in Surf City NC fulltime around 1983.  There, according to client Sterling Bryson, she designed about a dozen houses.  She left Topsail Beach around 2001 to be with one of her daughters, Barbara, in Missouri. She did many large acrylic abstract paintings during her career, winning an honorable mention one year from Artist Magazine.

According to client Mary Whittier, she "knew how to budget, create lists of all construction detail, and mastermind the men who did not like her watching them and telling them what to do and often how to do it."  She was supremely organized and known for her lists; the family joked about it and even gave her legal pads for Christmas.  She took great pride in becoming a licensed builder after Jack died.  She often said she was the only female licensed builder in North Carolina.

1950's - Small house on Newton Drive, Murrysville PA.

1950's - The Jack and Anne Stevens House, Twin Oaks Lane, Murrysville PA.  Anne Stevens considered this to be her dream home. 




1955 - The Jack and Anne Stevens House, 3396 Woodland Drive, Murrysville PA.
  Sold to Amy Ross in 2001.  Photos by Amy Ross.  

1957 - The Benjamin Carl (B. C.) Parker House I, 1927 Shirley Drive, Burlington NC. Parker was Anne Steven's brother.  Reversed version of the Stevens' house in Murrysville PA. Sold in 2006 to Patrick and Laura Lyons.

1959 - Beach Duplex, Surf City NC.  She designed this as a vacation home with her brother B. C. Parker of Burlington NC.  Parker sold his half to Stevens in the 1990's.  Unsure of current ownership.

Around 1963 - B. C. Parker built another spec house at 1973 Shirley Drive, Burlington NC, a close copy of the Stevens' house in Murrysville PA.

Around 196
8 - 2247 Saddle Club Drive, Burlington NC.  Not a Modernist house. As of 2012 owned by Elon University.

 Around 1968 -
2255 Saddle Club Drive, Burlington NC.  Not a Modernist house.  As of 2012 owned by Victoria Slate Gross.

Around 1968 -
1009 Valleydale Drive,
Burlington NC.  Not a Modernist house. Sold in 1980 to Samuel and Stephanie Huffstetler who still owned it as of 2012.

1970 - The John T. and Jane K. Monroe Jr. House, 404 Lyons, Chapel Hill. 3900 sf.  John Harris of NCSU consulted on the landscape design.  In 1977, the Monroes added a master bathroom suite with what Jane Monroe says was the first whirlpool tub in Chapel Hill.  Sold in 1984 to Joseph O. and Alice Moore.  They finished the basement and added two rooms. Sold in 2003 to Peter C. Gordon and Janet A. Chambers who did a further expansion.  Now 5200 sf.   Photo by Heather Wagner.   

1970 - The Anne and Jack Stevens House,
402 Lyons, Chapel Hill.  John Harris of NCSU consulted on the landscape design.  Built as a spec house but it did not sell; Stevens lived there until it sold to Mary Whittier in 1974.  Anne Stevens later did some remodeling for Whittier.  The house had an indoor pool.  Sold in 2007 to Bruce McDowell Maggs.   

1971 - The Glenn and Helen J. Wilson House, 748 Shady Lawn Road, Chapel Hill.  Sold in 1998 to Robert and Ann Whaley.  Sold in 2001 to Casey R. and Jenny Shaw. Sold 2012 to Jessica M. Marlies and Jeffrey D. Gelb.  Sold in 2015 to Melissa G. and David H. Cline.

1971 - The Patricia A. and Earl S. Schaefer House,
2325 Honeysuckle
, Chapel Hill.  Sold 1997 to David S. and Mary Catharine Newbury.  Sold in 2001 to Paula P. and Timothy W. Marr who still owned it as of 2012. 
Photo by Trey Thomas.

1971 - The James L. and Evelyn R. Robb House,
400 Lakeshore, Chapel Hill.  Not a modernist house.  Built 1970 as a spec house.  Sold in 1977 to James and Anne McNamara.  Sold in 1995 to Jon L. and Debra S. Macclennan who still owned it as of 2012.


Around 1971 - The Benjamin Carl (B. C.) Parker House II, around 1900 Jimmy Kerr Road, Haw River NC.   Almost identical to 402 Lyons, Chapel Hill.  Not visible from the street.

1972 - The Robert and Marion Crounse Residence,
1730 Allard Road, Chapel Hill.  Sold in 1981 to Ruth and Richard B. Palmer.  Sold in 2006 to Katherine Ballew.  Sold in 2015 to Patricia (Patty Beth) and Nickolas C. (Chris) Holzer. Sold in 2018 to Clarissa A. and Brian F. Willett.

1970's - The Dr. Hale Beach House, Topsail Beach NC.  Status unknown.


Around 1980 - The Jack and Anne Stevens House, Pinehurst NC.


Around 1981 - The Martha and Dale Brown
House, Snow Road, Greensboro NC.  May have been sold.

Around 1985 - The Sterling C. Bryson House, 123 Shaes Landing Drive, Surf City NC.  He and Stevens were close friends.  Built by the owner.


Year unknown - The Governor Luther Hodges
House, Chapel Hill.

Sources include:  Topsail Advertiser, Mary Whittier, Sterling Bryson, Barbara Harrison, Richard Parker.