NCModernist connects hundreds of people within the Modernist-architecture-loving public through monthly networking events called Thirst4Architecture (T4A). Want to bring design-oriented people to your business, firm, client site, or studio? Host a Thirst4Architecture design networking party! Contact Rebekah Laney,

These exciting, informal events are free to participants. We welcome Modernist homeowners, architects, artists, designers, realtors, engineers, contractors, property investors, building managers, materials and furniture dealers – or anyone with a huge crush on great architecture. 

T4A events focus on building relationships, sharing passion about good design, creating strategic alliances, and connecting people. There are no presentations -- just come join the fun and make new design friends! 

The Thirst4Architecture Series is sponsored through 2020 by:

Thursday, November 21, 6-8pm - The Transfer Company Ballroom and Work Hall, 500 East Davie Street, Raleigh!

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Thursday, December 5, 6-8pm - The Fairweather Condos, Raleigh's newest downtown housing, designed by Raleigh Architecture.

Thursday, January 16, 6-8pm - The Lucy Daniels Building, designed by Frank Harmon, Oberlin Road, Raleigh.

Thursday, February 13, 6-8pm, at the Research Triangle Foundation Headquarters (designed by O'Brien Atkins), hosted by the Research Triangle Foundation (the folks who run the Park!)
March 19, 6-8pm, Visual Art Exchange, Raleigh

Thursday, April 23, 6-8pm.  Beyond Blue Interiors, North Hills.

Thursday, May 21, 6-8pm.  Join Will Alphin and the crew of at their new office!
Thursday, June 18, 6-8pm.  Notch Design
 July TBA, Thursday, 6-8pm, Matt McConnell Studios, Raleigh. Includes the Matsumoto Prize Awards!
August 13, 6-8pm, The Boxyard, RTP, hosted by the Research Triangle Foundation


Thursday, October 15, 6-8pm.  Join Robby Johnston, Craig Kerins, and the crew of Raleigh Architecture at 716 South Saunders Street, Raleigh.