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Jimmy Edwards was born in Raleigh NC, the son of architect James Edwards Jr., who founded the architectural firm of Edwards Associates in 1939. He did houses for H. H. Hearn, J. C. Greene, William T. Ward, and J. Leroy Wheatley in Raleigh NC, all featured in Carolina Architecture 1939.

Jimmy Edwards received his architecture degree from Georgia Tech then remained in Atlanta for a few years. He moved back to Raleigh to join Edwards Associates; shortly thereafter in 1964 his parents were killed in a house fire. Jimmy remained in Raleigh and eventually worked with his fathers former partner, architect Arthur McKimmon II. In 1990, the partnership became McKimmon Edwards Shawcroft with the addition of Brian Shawcroft. That partnership dissolved around 1992. After a few other partnerships, Edwards ran his own firm.  Edwards is known for houses and churches, as well as university, corporate, medical, and government buildings particularly in Raleigh and the surrounding region. In the early 1980s, he began working with developer Jud Ammons that led to the Springmoor in Raleigh, the first large scale retirement community in North Carolina. His archives are primarily at NC State University.

1959 - The Patrick H. and Virginia McDonald House, 3120 Tanager, Raleigh NC. Sold in 2005 to Jack and Mary Lou Garrison.  For sale in 2023.

1965 - The James (Jimmy) and Karen K. Edwards House, 5518 Parkwood Drive, Raleigh NC. Still owned by Karen Edwards as of 2012.



1983 - The David P. Miller House, 11804 Appaloosa Run, Raleigh NC. Sold in 1989 to Randolph Chapel. Sold in 1994 to John and Camille Lipe. Sold in 1995 to Wayne and Jessica Myles. Sold in 2011 to David and Jeralyn Wright.

1984 - The Edward N. and Virginia Booker Jr. Renovation, 514 Audubon Drive, Greensboro NC. Original house built in 1953.

These are the house projects of both James Jr. and James III. We need help to locate the following houses and determine which ones were Modernist! Write george@ncmodernist.org with any information or photos.

1947 - The Arthur McKimmon Addition, Atlantic Beach NC.
1949 - The C. L. Chatneuff House, Raleigh NC.
1949 - The George Goodwin House, Raleigh NC.
1950 - The D. H. Cutler House, Raleigh NC.
1950 - The J. C. B. Ehringhaus Alterations, Raleigh NC.
1950 - The W. C. Etheridge House, Raleigh NC.
1950 - The Julian Baker House, Atlantic Beach NC.
1950 - The John Bertram House, Raleigh NC.
1951 - The N. E. Mohn House, New Bern NC.
1952 - The H. A. Dennis House, Henderson NC.
1953 - The T. W. Alexander Addition, Raleigh NC.
1954 - The W. T. Joyner Beach House, Atlantic Beach NC.
1954 - The Phil Taylor Beach House, Atlantic Beach NC.
1954 - The W. C. Perry House, Louisburg NC.
1954 - The W. K. Woltz House, Mt. Airy NC.
1954 - The Marcus Stewart House, Louisburg NC.
1954 - The Fred Habel House, Raleigh NC.
1955 - The Graham Trott Cabin, Leesville NC.
1955 - The Edwin Pate House, Atlantic Beach NC.
1955 - The Mrs. Ed Purdie Jr. House, Dunn NC. Addition built in 1977.
1955 - The T. W. Elliot House, Raleigh NC.
1956 - The Sally Cherry House, Raleigh NC.
1956 - The R. D. Milikin House, Butner NC.
1957 - The R. W. Etheridge Jr. House, Raleigh NC.
1958 - The Alton Bland House, Atlantic Beach NC.
1958 - The Haywood Smith House, Durham NC.
1958 - The W. T. Griffin House, Louisburg NC.
1959 - The John Brigham House, Henderson NC.
1959 - The T. B. Dameron Jr. House, Raleigh NC.
1959 - The Courtney Egerton House, Raleigh NC.
1960 - The A. E. Finley Alterations, Raleigh NC.
1960 - The Thomas G. Peyton House, Chapel Hill NC.
1960 - The Clifford Green House, Raleigh NC.
1961 - The Richard Badham House, Raleigh NC.
1961 - The W. W. Farley Addition, Raleigh NC.
1962 - The Bobby C. Davis House, Raleigh NC.
1963 - The James H. Bailey House, Raleigh NC.
1963 - The W. L. Lloyd House, Garner NC.
1964 - The Caleb West House, Newport News VA.
1964 - The Thad Barringer Alterations and Addition, Raleigh NC.
1964 - The William Beal House, Raleigh NC.
1964 - The F. Durant Bell House, Raleigh NC.
1964 - The C. P. Bugg House, Raleigh NC.
1965 - The W. M. Ragland Beach House, Atlantic Beach NC.
1965 - The Ragland/Badham/Coxe Beach House, Atlantic Beach NC.
1966 - The Grover Smith House, Kinston NC.
1966 - The James W. Babson House, Raleigh NC.
1966 - The W. M. Burton House, Raleigh NC.
1967 - The R. N. Ellington House, Burlington NC.
1967 - The John A. Edwards House, Raleigh NC.
1967 - The W. F. Gilliam House, Raleigh NC.
1968 - The Tom Adams Addition, Raleigh NC.
1968 - The Thomas Briggs House, Raleigh NC.
1968 - The Melville Broughton Jr. House, Raleigh NC.
1969 - The Julian Baker Addition, Raleigh NC.
1969 - The W. T. Dixon House.
1969 - The Don Harley House, Bartons Creek NC.
1969 - The C. S. Williams, Cary NC.
1969 - The Edwin Bordon Jr. House, Goldsboro NC.
1969 - The R. P. Holding House, New Bern NC.
1970 - The L. L. Barnes Jr. House, Cary NC.
1970 - The Bruce Brown House, Raleigh NC.
1970 - The George S. Edwards House, Raleigh NC.
1970 - The Stephen T. Gupton House, Raleigh NC.
1971 - The Ron Edwards House, Raleigh NC.
1971 - The William E. Bolton House, Raleigh NC.
1971 - The Loran Clark House, Durham NC.
1971 - The R. P. Holding Guest House, New Bern NC.
1972 - The Cary Perry House, Louisburg NC.
1972 - The P. Elderidge Jr. House, Houston TX.
1972 - The Dorothy Cutler House, Pine Knoll Shores NC.
1972 - The Annie Cooper House, Raleigh NC.
1972 - The Preston Gada House, Raleigh NC.
1973 - The George Holding House, New Bern NC.
1974 - The Ed Cochran Addition and Alterations, Newport News VA.
1974 - The F. Durant Bell Terrace, Highmeadows NC.
1974 - The Robert C. Wells House, Clinton NC.
1975 - The Lee Smith Beach House, Atlantic Beach NC.
1975 - The David G. Allen Addition, Garner NC.
1975 - The Marshall Cooper Jr. House, Henderson NC.
1976 - The Robert Cerwin Alterations, Raleigh NC.
1976 - The Charles Gaddy House, Raleigh NC.
1976 - The John Greene Sr. House, Raleigh NC.
1977 - The Sara Greene Terrace, Raleigh NC.
1977 - The Clarence Gudal Renovation, Raleigh NC.
1977 - The Gertrude M. Cox House, Raleigh NC.
1977 - The Ira Hardy Alterations, Greenville NC.
1977 - The Alex S. Badger Addition, Raleigh NC.
1978 - The William K. Woltz House, Pinehurst NC.
1978 - The G. A. Aulis Addition, Raleigh NC.
1978 - The Terrence W. Boyle Alterations and Restoration, Edenton NC.
1979 - The George Worth Beach House, Figure Eight Island NC.
1979 - The Larry Boyer House, Little River NC.
1979 - The George L. Berson Addition, Raleigh NC.
1979 - The James K. Dorsett Alterations, Raleigh NC.
1980 - The Gergory Crampton Renovation, Raleigh NC.
1980 - The Frank Armstrong Alterations, Raleigh NC.
1981 - The Phil Taylor Beach House, Moorehead City NC.
1981 - The Thomas F. Webb House, New Bern NC.
1981 - The Algernon Butler Alterations, Clinton NC.
1981 - The Beachgrove Addition, Edenton NC.
1981 - The Jim U. Oliver House, Leesville NC.
1981 - The C. L. Chatneuff Alterations and Addition, Pawleys Island SC.
1982 - The Roger Edwards House, Raleigh NC.
1983 - The Donnell E. Cobb Addition and Alterations, Raleigh NC.
1983 - The Marsden B. DeRossi Addition, Raleigh NC.
1983 - The R. L. Grubb Guest House, High Rock Lake NC.
1983 - The J. P. Taylor House, Atlantic Beach NC.
1983 - The Joseph S. Ashworth House, Fuquay-Varina NC.
1983 - The Donald S. Beilman House, Raleigh NC.
1984 - The John Bratton Jr. Alterations, Raleigh NC.
1984 - The John Bratton Sr. House, Bartons Creek NC.
1984 - The Dan B. Roebuck House, Pine Knoll Shores NC.
1984 - The John H. Baker Alterations and Addition, Raleigh NC.
1985 - The Charles Edwards Alterations and Addition, Raleigh NC.
1985 - The Bert Harden Addition, Raleigh NC.. Another addition completed in 1990.
1986 - The J. G. Poole Jr. House, Cary NC.
1986 - The Alton Smith Beach House, Moorehead City NC.
1987 - The Thomas Andrus Jr. House, Raleigh NC.
1987 - The Alfred Carlton House, Raleigh NC.
1987 - The Frank Daniels Jr. Alterations, Raleigh NC.
1987 - The Marshall Evans Porch Addition, Raleigh NC.
1987 - The Patsy Gilliam Details, Raleigh NC.
1987 - The J. Carter Glass Addition, Raleigh NC.
1988 - The Mark Arnold Addition, Raleigh NC.
1989 - The Worth Dunn House, Greenville NC.
1989 - The George S. Edwards Jr. Pool House, Raleigh NC.
1990 - The Todd Engstrom House, Raleigh NC.
1991 - The Starke Dillard House, Raleigh NC.
1991 - The Robert Allen House, Raleigh NC.
1991 - The Russ Andrews House, Raleigh NC.
1991 - The John Bratton Sr. House, Raleigh NC.
1991 - The Ed Bizzell Addition, Raleigh NC.
1992 - The Caroline Claydon Renovation and Addition, Raleigh NC.
1992 - The Ellisberg Addition, Raleigh NC.
1992 - The Bob Chalou House, Raleigh NC.
1992 - The James Howell House, Chapel Hill NC.
1992 - The Wyndham Robertson Alterations and Addition, Chapel Hill NC.
1992 - The Zach Bacon Jr. Renovation, Raleigh NC.
1992 - The Richard Badham House, Raleigh NC.
1993 - The Carlyle Adams Addition, Raleigh NC.
1993 - The Fred Anderson Addition, Raleigh NC.
1993 - The Nancy Burth House, Raleigh NC.
1993 - The W. M. Burton House, Raleigh NC.
1994 - The Marshall Evans House, Ashe County NC.

Year Unknown - The Ted R. Reynolds Alterations and Addition, Bayleaf Farm NC.
Year Unknown - The Sterling Kelly Project, Fayetteville NC.
Year Unknown - The J. M. Edwards III Residence, Raleigh NC.
Year Unknown - The Ray Goodman House, Raleigh NC.

Raleigh Hardison, Drs. prop. alter 1982
Raleigh Harer A.E. house 1994
Raleigh Harrelson, Frank house 1955
Raleigh Harris, Larry house 1966
Raleigh Haven House modif 1975
Raleigh Hill, James C. house 1977
Raleigh Hitch, J.M. garden plan 1956
Raleigh Hitch, John add 1976
Raleigh Hitch, John add ?
Raleigh Holding, Robert house ?
Raleigh Hull, Keith house 1986
Raleigh Interact playhouse 1986
Raleigh Jackson, William E. II add sketch 1985
Raleigh Jeffreys, Charles house 1961
Raleigh Jenkins, A.M. house 1964
Raleigh Jernigan, John alter 1979
Raleigh Jernigan, Leonard house 1990
Raleigh Johnson, Earl house 1959, 1969
Raleigh Johnson, Earl props’ add 1989
Raleigh Jones, H. Reed house 1965
Raleigh Jones, James Jr. alter/add 1986
Raleigh Kane, John M. add 1988
Raleigh Kaplan, Sol house 1972
Raleigh Kilgore, Ben W. III house/ass 1983
Raleigh King, Doris E. add 1981
Raleigh Knight, Eugene S. add 1971
Raleigh Koontz, Calvin B. add 1977
Raleigh Ladwig, Harold house 1972
Raleigh Lassiter, Thomas, J. alter 1982
Raleigh Lawerence, Don house 1971
Raleigh Lee, Willis prop. house 1976
Raleigh Lilly, Edward G. house 1972, entry 1993, add 1991
Raleigh Linville, J.F. house 1950
Raleigh London, George house 1956
Raleigh Lovick, Annie house 1956
Raleigh Lynch, Mark house 1956
Raleigh Lynch, Mark G. prop. house 1980
Raleigh Macleod house/ren 1981.88
Raleigh Madry, Raymond Jr. add 1980
Raleigh Manly, Issac house 1961
Raleigh Manly, James house 1962
Raleigh Markle, Willard G. house 1974
Raleigh Marshall, Penn house 1961
Raleigh Marshall, R. E. house 1950
Raleigh Martin Wlliam add 1956
Raleigh Martin, Bill house 1976
Raleigh Maupin, Armistead house 1949
Raleigh McCarthy, Jack prop. house 1984
Raleigh McConnell, John D. prop. alter 1977

Raleigh McKimmon, Arthur house 1956
Raleigh Meredith Presid. House renov 1971
Raleigh Meredith Presid. House house ?
Raleigh Miller, Dr. Philip home 1994
Raleigh Miller, Lee house 1966
Raleigh Moore, Joseph L. house 1984
Raleigh Morgan Reasident Court courtyard 1981
Raleigh Musselwhite, Marvin prop. house 1980
Raleigh Newsome, M. C. alter 1984
Raleigh Nichols Drive apt. alter 1982
Raleigh Noneman, Jack house 1991
Raleigh Norris, Thomas A. house 1968
Raleigh Page, Ernest add 1964
Raleigh Page, WIlliam S. alter 1986
Raleigh Page, Winston L. alter/add 1985
Raleigh Park, Bruce add 1988
Raleigh Park, John A. house 1969
Raleigh Parker, Fred P., II alter 1981
Raleigh Parsons, L.R. house 1952
Raleigh Paschal, George W., III house 1987, add 1993
Raleigh Paschal, Robert C. house 1987
Raleigh Peeden, James Jr. alter/add 1982
Raleigh Peterson, Alan H. alter/add 1987
Raleigh Pinyoun, Roy house 1953
Raleigh Poole, Gregory Sr. house 1977
Raleigh Poole, R.F., Jr. house 1961
Raleigh Pope, John garage add 1982
Raleigh Powell, T.C., Jr. house/add 1951
Raleigh Price, Robert R. alte/add 1979
Raleigh Proctor, William house 1979
Raleigh Ragland, Trent Jr. house 1985
Raleigh Rice, John T. cabinet 1977
Raleigh Riddick, Anna guest house 1959
Raleigh Roberson, C.B kitchen 1981
Raleigh Rogers, Jimmy renov. 1975
Raleigh Root, Aldert prop house 1953
Raleigh Rose, Betty Poole alter/add
Raleigh Ross, Williams alter/add 1961
Raleigh Rumsey, Peter alter/add 1977
Raleigh Sanders, W.M. house 1955
Raleigh Schweidler, J.F. prop. add 1987
Raleigh Scott, Donald R. alter 1982
Raleigh Scott, James add
Raleigh Shackleford, Dan house 1955
Raleigh Shavlik, Ronnie alter 1984
Raleigh Shaw, H.M., Jr. alter/renov 1962
Raleigh Shaw, Henry alter 1990
Raleigh Shuping, Laawrence B., West Lake Drive, alterations 1980
Raleigh Simpson, Sam details 1979
Raleigh Sinclaire, Gordon alter/add 1961
Raleigh Sinclaire, Louis add 1977
Raleigh Skinner, Julia alter 1963
Raleigh Smith, Alton house 1957, add 1991
Raleigh Smith, Arnold add 1973
Raleigh Smith, Charles L. house 1950
Raleigh Smith, Gordon house 1973
Raleigh Smith, Lee pool 1975
Raleigh Smith, Lee C. house 1967
Raleigh Smith, Sherwood Jr. house/add 1973.84.90
Raleigh Sparrow, Nathaniel gar. & alt. 1977
Raleigh Starling, Norwood alter 1977
Raleigh Steele, Jack house 1956
Raleigh Stone, Richard alter 1968
Raleigh Taylor, Philip house 1962
Raleigh Taylor, Zachary add 1991
Raleigh Techet, Steven house 1989
Raleigh Thompson, C.L. alter 1964
Raleigh Thompson, Elizabeth renov 1963
Raleigh Tillery, Paul house 1955
Raleigh Tomlinson, Travis house 1953
Raleigh Toms, Herbert L. house 1968
Raleigh Towler, Reid add 1990
Raleigh Trott, William add
Raleigh Truesdale, Jack house 1956
Raleigh Tucker, Garland S. III add 1983, garden 1986
Raleigh Tuttle, I. G. alter 1962
Raleigh Tyler, Runyon house 1989
Raleigh Tyler, Betsy house 1990
Raleigh Upchurch, T.A house 1953
Raleigh Upchurch, T.A. details 1956
Raleigh Urquhart, Richard A. Jr. house 1954
Raleigh Vaughn, Marcus house 1965
Raleigh Venters, Nickye add/renov 1992
Raleigh Vick, W.C. house 1967
Raleigh Walker, James house 1958
Raleigh Walser, Frank add 1962
Raleigh Warren, Robert S. Jr. house 1977
Raleigh Webb, Dr. Alex house 1974
Raleigh Webster, Christopher house 1967
Raleigh West, Mrs. Louis alter/add 1971
Raleigh White, Howard house 1956
Raleigh White, Lorentz house 1951, addition 1961
Raleigh White, S.M. garage 1992
Raleigh White, Snydor house 1967
Raleigh Wilkerson, Charles house 1963
Raleigh Willet, Robert W. house 1963
Raleigh Williams, Cross add/renov 1992
Raleigh Williams, John A. house 1949
Raleigh Williams, John C. detail 1964
Raleigh Williams, John C. residence 1992
Raleigh Williams, Mason Addition 1992
Raleigh Williams, Murray house 1990
Raleigh Williams, Robert house 1953
Raleigh Wilson, Alex house 1969
Raleigh Winston, Bob alter. 1991
Raleigh Winston, Charles M. Addition 1993
Raleigh Winston, R. W. house 1940
Raleigh Wooten, L.E. house 1970
Raleigh Worth, George house 1964
Raleigh Worth, Hal III house 1976
Raleigh Worth, Hal, Jr. house 1955
Raleigh Worth, Thomas add 1958
Raleigh Wright, Isaac house 1960
Raleigh Yarbouough, Mary E. renov/add 1963
Raleigh Yates, Joseph alter 1968
Raleigh Smith, Charles, Lee alter/add 1986
Roanoke Island Evans, Charles D. prop. house 1982
Roanoke Rapids Elmore, WIlliam G. house 1982
Rocky Mount Griffin, C.A. house 1951
Roxboro Wagstaff prop alter
Sanford Stewart, Roy house 1978
Smithfield Batton, Woodrow house 1963
Smithfield Creech, Max house 1972
Smithfield Holding, Frank house 1974
Smithfield Pernell, Carlton prop house 1977
Smithfield Taylor, Marvin alter/add 1974
Smithfield Taylor, Marvin alter 1985
Smithfield Wellons, Elmer prop renov 1974
Smithfield Williams, C.S. alter/add 1971
Spooners Creek Warren, R.S. Jr. house 1968
Raleigh Paschal, Mr. and Mrs. addit to residence 1993
Troy Capel, Jessie S. original house plan 1938
Troy Capel, Jessie S. alter/add 1985 and 1993
Wake County Louis, M. James house 1985
Wake County Manly, Fred house 1974
Wake County Park, Ben F. house 1974
Wake County Parker, Jordan house 1982
Wake County Poyner, James prop house 1985
Wake County Ragland, W. Trent Jr. house 1961
Wake County Shaw, Henry house 1966
Wake County Shaw, Jane house 1979
Wake County Watkins, William house 1966
Wake County Yates, Joseph W. III house/add 1976.85
Wake Forest Mackie, George house 1973
Warrenton Tisdale, Wright prop alterer 1974
Watauga Clement, Charles house 1975
Waycross, Ga Kopp, John house 1953
Williamsborough Urquhart, R. prop house 1967
Williamston Lee, Willis alter 1979
Williamston Lilley, Lawrence house 1956
Williamston Robertson, Raymond house
Williamston Thigpin, Joe house 1954
Wilmington Booker, E.N., Jr. house 1982
Wilmington Metts, John add 1956
Wilmington Venters, Victor house 1974
Wilson Blake, Walter house 1973
Wilson Hackney, Thomas J., Jr. add/alter 1984
Wilson Holdford house 1971
Wrightsville Beach Reynolds, Ted R. b. house
 Boone, Dan 1992
 Bradshaw, Preston sketches 1976
 Collins, Bobby Prop. house 1982
 Duke, David alt 1989
 Green, John
 Ling, Dr. and Mrs. add 1993
 Logan, John yard 1993
 McKay, Dr. and Mrs. alt 1993
 Moore, Ralph Addition 1993
 Paschal Addition 1993
 Ragland, W. Trent, Jr. boat house 1961
 Sealy, Robert b. house
 Taylor, Phil prop house 1986
 Tom Hunter dead files
 Williams, Ward
 York, Smedes adds 1981, 1988, 1993

Sources include: Statler Gilfillen; Brian Shawcroft.