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Charles Holden grew up in Whiteville NC. During high school, he interned in Lumberton NC with Elizabeth Bobbitt Lee. He graduated from NCSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture, and a Bachelor of Architecture Degree, Cum Laude. Between 1994 and 2003, Charles worked with Frank Harmon, contributing to over fifty projects and many award-winning buildings, including the the Penland School of Crafts Iron Studio. Notable projects from this period included renovations and additions to a unique Byron Franklin house in New Bern NC.  Holden left Harmon to start Tonic Design with Shelley Gruendler and, later, Tonic Construction with Vincent Petrarca. While at Tonic from 2003-2006, he was involved in the design of both the McCowan and Chiles Residences, the latter recognized with a 2006 AIANC Honor Award.

Holden runs two firms, Oxide Architecture for design and Oxide Structure for construction.

2003 - The Pelphrey-Dew House. Unbuilt. 

2007 - The Tony K. Stewart Condo Upfit, 614 Capital Boulevard #106, Raleigh.


2009 - The Wendy Goldstein and Andy Rosen Renovation, 812 Berkeley Street, Durham. Commissioned 2008. Built by Oxide Construction. Photos by Raymond Goodman.

2009 - The Little-Iversen Residence, planned as part of the New American House Project on Trailwood Drive in Raleigh. Unbuilt.

2009 - The Holden, Jones, and Riedeman Houses on Galax Drive, Raleigh. Unbuilt.

2010 - The Rose Schwetz and Jeffrey Burton House, 907 Oberlin Road, Raleigh NC. Unbuilt. Was to be located in place of an old mill house, bottom photo.

2011 - The Robert Rogers-Watson House, 1810 Bickett Boulevard, Raleigh. Unbuilt.

2013 - The Christian Arandel and Leila Hessini House Renovations, 1711 Audubon Road, Chapel Hill. Commissioned 2008. Tom and Hattie Scott were the original owners, and he recalls the house was built by J. P. Goforth from a plan book. Sold to James Dickerman and Patsy Sartor in 1986. Sold to Westley and Frances Reeves in 1991. Sold to Doug and Julia Shackleford in 2000. Sold in 2002 to Christian Arandel and Leila Hessini who commissioned a renovation. Landscaping by Katherine Gill.

2015 - The Brian Chick and Sarah Cornel House, 2727 North Mayview Road, Raleigh. Built on the site of a Modernist house (by John Vorhees) that was so damaged it could not be recovered, bottom photo.

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