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Johnston was born in Greensboro. He attended the Currie School which was a part of Woman's College (now UNC-Greensboro) and worked as a print boy for Ed Loewenstein.

He attended the NCSU School of Design, where after criticizing a studio led Harwell Hamilton Harris (who tended to go on tangents about detailing) and telling Dean Henry Kamphoefner to "grow up," Johnston was dismissed from the school. Kamphoefner was livid but the dismissal lasted only a few days and Johnston was re-admitted.

Johnston interned for Terry Waugh and graduated from NCSU in 1964. Next, Johnston worked with Waugh at the NCSU Planning Office along with Charlie Woodall. He worked for Owen Smith in 1965, shifting to Ballard McKim and Sawyer in Wilmington in 1967 where he became a partner in 1970.

In 1971, he moved back to Raleigh to partner with Ligon Flynn. They moved to Wilmington in 1973 to design many houses at Figure Eight Island. Their partnership ended in 1976.

Johnston and Kamphoefner reconciled and Johnston was instrumental in setting up rules for the Kamphoefner Prize. In 2002, his son Ian Johnston joined Johnston's firm.  Johnston retired in 2013.

2012 Interview

Johnston Project List


1970 - The Horace King House, 20 Beach Road South, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington NC.

1975 - The Charles (Chuck) H. and Diane (Candy) H. Flynt Jr. / David Flynt House, 289 Beach Road North, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington NC. Built by J. Fred Murray Construction. Designed for two brothers and their families. Won a 1979 AIANC Honor Award. Sold 2002 to Ellen C. and Andrew J. Schindler. Sold in 2005 to the Ellen Nelson Schlindler Trust. Has been renovated, including an addition. Photos by Jerry Markatos.

1976 - The Thomas M. Stanback House, 240 Beach Road, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington NC. Deeded in 2008 to Thomas M. Stanback Jr. Sold in 2014 to Nancy B. and Kevin J. Schimelfenig. Destroyed in 2015. A new house by Michael Ross Kersting is planned for the site.

1989 -The Henry and Lorene Johnston House, 8005 Bald Eagle Lane, Wilmington NC. Built by Murray Construction. Landscape architect was H. Burkert. Interior design by Lorene Johnston. Appeared in NC Architect Magazine. Sold in 2015 to John C. Norwood.

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