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Condoret was born in Algiers, Algeria. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at the L'Ecole Speciale d'Architecture in Paris in 1959. He moved to North Carolina from Algeria in 1962 to work for Archie Davis. In 1967 he worked as Winn/Condoret Architects with partner Sumner Winn. In 1968, he worked for Don Stewart at CPAA before going out on his own, designing strikingly modern homes across Chapel Hill and Chatham County, including many as Senior Architect for Fearrington. In 1992, he designed Caring House, (below) a hotel for adult cancer patients receiving outpatient treatment at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center. His daughter is Chapel Hill architect Arielle Schechter.

2013 Durham Magazine profile

1965 - The Jon Condoret House, 5809 Cascade Drive, Chapel Hill. Sold in 1976 to James T. Moore. Sold in 1980 to Joan W. Meade. Sold in 1989 to John R. Thompson III and Steven Kohn. Landscape design by Bell/Glazener Design Group. Sold in 2011 to Andrew C. Burns III and Julia Burns. Top photo by Julie Hollenbeck. Interior photos by James Blackburn.

1968 - The Charles B. and Kathryn P. Huestis House, 1803 Woodburn Road, Durham. Built by R. C. Guthrie. 3900 sf. Sold for the first time in 2012 to Alan McGinty. Sold in 2018 to the Renee E. Floyd Trust.

1968 - 3504 Stoneybrook, Durham. Sold to James and Joan Hopper. Sold in 1998 to James Wyngaarden, still owner as of 2017.

1969 - The Linda and Allan Kornberg Residence, 23 Scott Place, Durham. Sold in 1994 to Richard and Linda Kulka. The Kulkas left and it sat empty for a few years. Sold in 2005 to Dwayne and Rosie Andrews who did extensive renovations. Became a rental. Went into foreclosure with neglect and damage from previous tenants. Top five photos are from around 2005. By December 2011 the property was close to being a teardown and was on the NCMH Endangered List. Sold in 2012 to Zia and Thomas Oatley who did a renovation designed by David Arneson of Center Studio Architecture and built by Craig Fox. Sold in 2017 to Myaing M. Nyunt and Christopher V. Plowe.&

1969 - The Albert and Sedrid Nelius Residence, 3112 Sprunt Avenue, Durham. Sold in 2006 to Louis and Catie Shaffer.

1969 - 15 Heath Place, Durham. Sold in 2005 to Kent and Claudia Kimbrough.

1970 - The Athos and Anna D. Ottolenghi Residence, 1510 Woodburn, Durham. 2400 square feet. Sold in 2016 to Eric Douglas Williamson and Dianne Annette Cruz. Top photo by Duffy Healey.

1970 - 9719 Rougemont Road, Bahama NC. 14 acres. Sold to Marlon Peyton.  Sold in 2011 to Rebecca L. and Mark A. Pifer.

1970 - The George S. and Alice Welsh House, 13 Friday Lane, Chapel Hill. Sold in 1990 to Alice M. Welsh. Sold in 1993 to C. Robert and Rosemary Dudgeon. Sold in 1995 to Thomas and Katherine Stanley, Jr., who did an addition in 1995. Sold in 2003 to Matthew and Barbara Hapgood who did an addition in 2003. Addition/renovation in 2012 by architect Ellen Cassilly, bottom four photos.


1972 - The Mary S. Anderson Residence, 618 Beech Tree Court, Chapel Hill. Sold for the first time in 2016 to Robin and Robert McCarthy. 2018 renovation, bottom two photos, designed by Coby Linton, built by Actual Size Builders.

1972 - The Richard and Pat Hughes House, 2512 West Club Boulevard, Durham. 2266 square feet. Sold in 2001 to Rafael Lopez-Barrantes. Sold in 2007 to Brenda Pomeroy. Bottom two photos by Allen Weiss.

1972 - The Robert and Jane Parr Residence, 701 Kenmore Road, Chapel Hill. The Parrs traveled to Japan many times and wanted a house that embodied the Japanese aesthetic as shown by the cream and dark wood exterior. Deeded to Jane Parr. Sold in 2017 to Jeanne Parr Lemkau.

1972 - The Saul M. and Rachel Schanberg Residence, 1604 Pinecrest Road, Durham. Sold in 2010 to Scott and Julie Hollenbeck. Night photo by James Blackburn.On the TMH/PD Tour in 2012.



1973 - The L. Arthur and Florence Larson Residence, 1 Learned Place, Durham. Commissioned 1971. Condoret said it was his favorite project of all time. Top two photos by Condoret. The Pickett family graveyard is located adjacent. Sold in 1994 to Donald Beskind and Wendy Robineau. Originally 4825 sf.  Renovation by architect Fu-Tung Cheng, built by Landmark Renovation. Landscape entry design in 2008 by Judy Harmon. Expansion to 6040 sf and master bedroom renovations in 2011, designed by owners in consultation will Bill Waddell and Vinny Petrarca and built by Krichco. Most photos by Wendy Robineau. Bottom four photos by Ormando Harris and Leilani Carter. Featured in Durham Magazine April 2013.

1973 - The Cal and Roz Kovens Residence, 1921 South Lakeshore Drive, Chapel Hill. Built by Cal and Scott Kovens. Sold in 1985 to Peter and Margaret Bennett. Sold in 1994 to Sharon Ochsman. Renovated in 1995. Sold to Paul Green, Jr. in 2007, who put in an elevator. Sold in 2008 to John and Barbara Watkin. Sold in 2016 to Nancy L. Luberoff and Bruce J. Boehm. Photos by John Watkin and Bruce Boehm.

1973 - The Donald and Barbara Moore Residence, 920 Chowan Avenue, Durham. Sold to Karen Moore. Deeded to The Chowan Group LLC, controlled by Moore.

1975 - The Javad and Mina Vakilzadeh Residence, 634 Kensington Drive, Chapel Hill. Built by JP Goforth. Sold in 1999 to Michele Hoyman and Michael Mackuen who still owned it as of 2012.

1975 - The Raymond and Mary Mulligan Residence, 10 Digby Place, Durham. Built by Clarence Hines of Hillsborough. Sold in 1979 to celebrity bookie and sports commentator James G. (Jimmy the Greek) Snyder and his wife Joan. Sold in 1996 after Snyder's death to James O. and Ann Berger who still owned it as of 2012. 5600 sf on 2 acres next to a golf course.

1975 - 5618 Brisbane Drive, Chapel Hill. Sold in 1990 to Janet Boudreau, still owner as of 2014.

1976 - The Bill Carlton Terry Residence, 2009 South Lakeshore Drive, Chapel Hill.  Sold to Erika Franziskas Terry. Sold in 2015 to Laura Kline and David Robinson.

1976 - The Arie and Anita Lewin Residence, 804 Cedar Falls Road, Chapel Hill. As of 2011 still owned by the Lewins.




1976 - The Robert S. and Bryna Gilgor House, 811 Kenmore Road, Chapel Hill. Construction documents were drawn up by John Couch. Built by C. S. Witt. Kim Anderson was on the framing crew. Sold in 1991 to James (Nick) England and Mary C. Whitton who still owned it as of 2012. They added a garage with help from Condoret. Photos by Nick England.

1977 - The Ronald and Dorothy Baker House, 622 Wells Court, Chapel Hill.  Sold in 2004 to William A. Flexner. As of 2011 owned by the William Flexner Trust. Sold in 2015 to Harmony F. and Benjamin H. Chi.

1978 - The Eric L. and Barbara B. Effman Residence, 112 Stoneridge Drive, Chapel Hill. Sold in 1991 to Walker and Rose Long who still owned it as of 2012.

1979 - The Richard C. and Elizabeth Morey Residence, 104 Stone Creek Court, Chapel Hill. Sold in 1991 to Elizabeth A. Morey Tessman. Sold in 2006 to the Tessman Family Trust. Features stained glass by Joan Condoret, Jon's wife. Bottom photo by Nicole Alvarez. Sold in 2012 to Brian and Kendall McGlynn. Sold in 2016 to Bryan and Sarah Lamb.

1979 - The Richard and Ann Shachtman House, 630 Kensington, Chapel Hill. Sold in 1996 to Michael Lawless and Margaret Minton. Sold to Michael Lawless. Sold in 2007 to Sylvia Edgerton. Sold in 2010 to Brenda Carpen and Morgan Pitelka.

1979 - The Charles Childs House, 246 Coeur du Bois, Chapel Hill NC.  For sale for the first time in 2019. 

1980 - The James D. and Kathleen D. Crapo Residence, 1728 Tisdale Street, Durham. Sold in 1997 to Paul and Jane Murray. Sold in 2002 to Peter Cartwright and Brigid Hogan, still owners as of 2017.

1981 - The James and Frances Davis Residence, 6 Harvey Place, Durham. Sold in 1992 to Philip Lehman and Judy Kincaid. Sold in 2007 to David and Mary Lee Lobach. 4468 square feet. Interior photos by Judy Kincaid.

1981 - The Christopher S. and Lisa Best Residence, 152 Turtle Run, Pittsboro NC. Sold in 2007 to Thomas John Van Steenberg and Nancy J. Talbot. Sold in 2013 to Valerie L. Wallen.

1981 -

3910 Somerset Drive, Durham.

Sold in 2018 to Shelia W. and Timothy E. Reddy.

1982 - The Allen and Marcia Roses House, 9 Womble Circle, Durham. Sold in 1998 to Robert and Shelley Beason. Sold in 2008 to Dan and Sumedha Ariely. Four bedrooms, 4249 square feet.

1983 - The Larry Sumney Residence, 223 Longwood Drive, Chapel Hill. Sold to Todd Lapidus in 1998. Sold in 2004 to Andrew and Elizabeth Howell, still owners as of 2014.

1984 - The Len and Beatrice Prosnitz Residence, 114 Stoneridge Drive, Chapel Hill. Sold in 2017 to Alexandra Fleming and Leyan Phillips.

1985 - The Ernest and Mildred Mario House, One Friday Lane, Chapel Hill. The land was sold in 1984 by William Friday to Wells Management Group who built this as a spec house. Sold to the Marios in 1987. Sold to PHH Homequity Corp in 1989. Sold in 1991 to Liang and Dixie Soo who still owned it as of 2012. Top photo by Nicole Alvarez.

1985 - The Brian and Moyra Kileff Renovation, 403 Clayton Road, Chapel Hill. After a house fire in 1985, Condoret added a second floor along with the Modernist styling. Built by Jon S. Harder of Chapel Hill. Photo by Chase Hanes. Still owned by the Kileffs as of 2014.

1985 - The Lowell and Mary Elizabeth King Residence, 1720 Tisdale Road, Durham. Sold in 1997 to Wayne and Elva Massey. Sold in 2004 to Charlotte and James Stivers, still owners as of 2016. 2017 renovation by Jason Hart.

1986 - The James and Susan Bernstein Residence, 117 Sheffield Circle, Chapel Hill. As of 2011 still owned by the Bernsteins.


1986 - The Cliff and Linda Butler House, 875 Cedar Fork Trail, Chapel Hill NC. Sold in 1992 to Carlton Schmidt. Sold in 1993 to Jacqueline Nouveau. Sold in 2013 to Edwin and Mary Nirdlinger. For sale in 2019.

1987 - The John K. Kittredge Residence, 878 Pinehurst Drive, Chapel Hill. Sold to Amy Kittredge George in 2000. Sold in 2001 to Alain and Nicole Boutault. Top pictures from 1987, bottom photos from 2008. Sold in 2009 to Bengt A. and Ingrid Sjoelin. Bottom two photos by the Sjoelins.

1987 - The Steven and Laura Maier Residence, 123 Steeplechase, Chapel Hill. As of 2011 still owned by the Maiers. Bottom photo by Nicole Alvarez.

1987 - The Stanley Levy Residence, 3500 Cedarwood Court, Chapel Hill.  As of 2011 still owned by Levy. Top photo by Nicole Alvarez.

1987 - The John T. Ward and Pamela Whitney House, 10000 Old Warden Road, Raleigh. Sold in 2015 to Dorothee Thielisch. 2018 renovations by Arielle Schechter.

1988 - The Anna R. Hayes Residence, 3301 Arthur Minnis Road, Hillsborough. Although traditionally southern on the outside, the house has a more modern interior. Sold in 2012 to the Stephen Smith Trust. Top photo by James Blackburn.

1989 - The D. Michael Warner and Elizabeth (Betty) B. Craven Residence, 4112 Powder Mill Road, Durham. Condoret designed the original house, an auto museum (bottom photo) in 1998, a guest house in 2002, a pool house, a conservatory, and an extensive addition to the original house. Except for the original house, everything was built by Caledonia Construction.

1989 - The Sheldon and Doren Pinnell Residence, 3127 Surrey Road, Durham. Originally built by Metz and Dehart. 90% was destroyed in 2010 for an extensive renovation by architect Hutch Johnson. Leon Meyers did most of the construction; the house was completed by another firm. The complete makeover included Bulthaup cabinetry; Aventine casework; oriental garden; a backyard gazebo; solar power; a home theater, and more. The interior designer was Maho Abe at Zen Associates in Boston; her husband, Shin, designed the garden and Zen’s installation crew did the installation.

1990 - The Jean S. and William H. Glaze House, 2411 Pickard Mountain Drive, Hillsborough. Sold in 2004 to Michael A. Turner. Deeded in 2006 to Harshini and Michael A. Turner. Sold later in 2006 to Monica and Paul Sylvestre. Sold in 2016 to Timothy J. Green. Sold in 2018 to Michele Y. and James J. Maloy.

1990 - The Rudy Y. Riggs and James (Jim) Phillips House, 830 Terry Road, Hurdle Mills NC. Still owned by Riggs and Phillips as of 2014. Photos by Jim Phillips.

1990 - The Mark LeFebre House, 102 Greenwood Lane, Chapel Hill. Sold to Leigh Callahan and John Winfield. 2018 renovations by Arielle Schechter.

1991 - The James and Sandra Swenberg Residence, 2660 Rock Rest Road, Pittsboro NC. As of 2011 still owned by the Swenbergs.

1995 - The Patricia Pukkila and Gordon Worley House, 408 Deming, Chapel Hill. Built by Caledonia Construction. As of 2012 still owned by the Pukkila-Worleys.

2002 - The Robert and Sharon Glass House, 1367 Bradford Place, Pittsboro. Contemporary design. Sold in 2013 to Jennifer J. Hertslet and Frank N. Traganos.

Sources include: The Town and Gown Architecture of Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1795-1975 by M. Ruth Little, his daughter architect Arielle Schechter, Scott Kovens, Leon Meyers.