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LOUIS SUMNER WINN, JR. (1928-2000)

Sumner Winn grew up in Worchester MA and graduated from Bowdoin College in 1950. After a year at the Sorbonne in Paris and four years in the Air Force in a MASH unit during the Korean War, Winn earned a BS in Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. He moved to Chapel Hill around 1960 and worked for Archie Royal Davis. In 1967 he worked as Winn/Condoret architects with Jon Condoret. In approximately 1968 he joined Don Stewart's CPAA as a partner. He left in 1973 to form his own practice in Chapel Hill.

Most of his records and drawings were destroyed in 1994 when his home office at 127 Stateside Drive burned. With second wife Genie, he rebuilt the house in 1998 and spent his last years sharing an office in Carrboro with designer John Lindsey, known for designing the Wellspring Groceries (later Whole Foods), Magnolia Grill, and Aurora Restaurant. Winn's houses are known for beautiful corner windows, brick mass fireplaces, and extended post and beam exterior eaves.  He killed himself in 2000.

1957 - The R. J. Shankle Residence, 1306 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill. 2400 square feet. Sold in 1982 to Jeffrey B. Tyler. Sold in 1986 to Elinor Koechley. Sold in 2008 to Maryann Feldman and Gordon Allen. Renovations by John Lindsey. Bottom two photos by Gordon Allen.

1963 - The Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Parsonage, aka The Frank and Martha Perry House, 311 North Elliott Road, Chapel Hill. Built by Lea and Fearrington from Mebane. Sold in 1987 by the Church to Henry and Mary Heck. Sold in 1991 to Robert C. Hoppin. Sold in 1996 to B. Lee Lambert. Sold in 2001 to Vladislav Oleynik. Sold in 2006 to Robert Potts and Daniela Diesel. Photo by Chase Hanes.

1964 - The Sumner and Jean Winn House, 812 Shady Lawn Road, Chapel Hill. Photo by Nicole Alvarez. Sold to Frank J. and Rosemary B. Munger in 1971. Sold to Kenneth Levin in 1983. Sold to Mary Ellen Priestly in 1996. Sold to Richard and Diane Dworsky in 2001.


1965 - The Bennie and Jeannette Barker Residence, 517 Lakeshore Lane, Chapel Hill. 3200 sf on one acre. Sold to Robert and Marian Mueller in 1975. Sold in 2008 to Alan Lee and Christina Cornell. Photos by Derek Mangum. Sold in 2015 to Parigul and Henri Lorie.

1966 - The Richard Hiskey Residence, 521 Lakeshore Lane, Chapel Hill. Designed by Winn and Jon Condoret. Sold to Jim and Cassandra Sloop in 1979. Renovated by Jon Condoret. Sold in 2008 to John G. and Eleanor M. Lipham.

Around 1966 - The George and Barbara Selden Douglas House, 806 Kenmore, Chapel Hill. Sold in 1972 to John and Judith Harrison. At some point a guest house was added. Sold in 1997 to James R. Stringer. Sold in 1998 to Jeff Moe and Audrey Green who still owned it as of 2018. Photos by Leilani Carter.

1966 - The Richard L. and Ida Simpson Residence, 604 Brookview Drive, Chapel Hill. As of 2011 still owned by the Simpsons.

1966 - The E. J. "Peg" and Patricia (Pat) Owens House, 812 Kenmore Road, Chapel Hill, 12 acres. Owens, the developer for the Lake Forest neighborhood, died in 1971. Sold around 1975 to Britt Properties, controlled by Amway executives Bill and Peggy Britt. The Britts subsequently engaged Winn to design several landscape and interior renovations and additions.

1967 - The Melvin (Mel) and Zora Rashkis House, 415 Clayton Road, Chapel Hill. Verified as a Winn by colleague John Lindsay. Built by Edward N. Mann, Sr. Sold in 1983 to John Northen. Sold in 2004 back to Melvin and Zora Rashkis. Sold in 2005 to Brian and Lisa Goldstein. Sold in 2010 to Dan Florang and Linda Fogarty. Sold in 2011 to Guy and Laura Chisholm. Renovated in 2012 (Ron Wilde, architect; David Parker of Riverbank Custom Homes, builder). Sold in 2014 to Jenny Flythe and Robert Stankavish.

1969 - The Samuel Thorne Gregory House, 520 Lakeshore Lane, Chapel Hill. Not designed by Winn; likely the owner designed the house to match Winn's vibe of neighboring houses, as Gregory attended NC State and studied architecture but changed to a career in textiles. Sold in 2017 to JM Timber LLC.

1969 - The Hal and Jo Fallon Residence, 2312 Honeysuckle Court, Chapel Hill. Built by C. S. Witt. Sold in 1974 to Kal and Joan Cohen. Jon Condoret assisted in the design. 3486 square feet. Sold in 2009 to Duncan Higgins and Lisa Kahan. 

1969 - The Gerald and Christine Bell Residence, 1707 Michaux, Chapel Hill. The Bells admired Winn's connection between the indoors and the outdoors, especially the corner windows. Their first meeting was at his house. When they arrived, they found him wearing a bathing suit, cleaning a shotgun! Undeterred, they chose him as their architect. Built by C. S. Witt. Landscape design by Dick Bell (no relation). The original screen porch was enclosed in glass in 2000. As of 2011 still owned by the Bells. Photos by Heather Wagner.

1970 - The Albert and Lillian Mattocks House, 2627 Meacham Road, formerly 2619 Meacham Road, Chapel Hill. 12.34 acres and a pool. 2986 sf. As of 2011 owned by Mattocks trustees Craig Mattocks and Maria Christina Forbes. Vacant from 2008 to 2012; put on the NCMH Endangered list in 2010. Sold in 2012 to Jean Greer and Scott Radway who did a complete restoration including the pool. Top four photos by Peter Simon, bottom three by Scott Radway.

1970 - The Richard and Jane Walker House, 2617 Meacham Road, Chapel Hill. Still owned by the Walkers as of 2013.

1970 - The William L. and Patricia Black Residence, 611 Brookview Drive, Chapel Hill. Sold in 1976 to James L. and Karen Nash. Sold in 1980 to Edward L. Berson. Sold in 1985 to Edgar Foster Daniels. Sold in 1988 to Howard and Carrie Krasnow. Sold in 2014 to Pasqualina J. and Alan Garlington.

1971 - The Joe F. and Glena Matthews House, 2515 Charlock Court, Chapel Hill. Sold in 1973 to Wilbur D. and Frances Whitfield. Sold in 1984 to Patricia D. Riley. Sold in 2009 to Nicholas and Laurie Hernandez. Foreclosed. Sold in 2016 to Amdrea and Joseph Bentz.

1972 - The James and Martha Lamb House, 612 Greenwood Road, Chapel Hill. Sold to Barrie and Arlene Bergman in 1975. Sold in 1989 to the National Humanities Center and Robert and Carolyn Connor as a guest house for visiting scholars. There was a major fire around 1995. Sold in 1996 to Josef (Joe) Woodman. Rebuilt by Henry Bridgers.  Sold in 2005 to Daniel Colella and Victoria Krebs. Color photos by Leilani Carter.

1973 - The James Carney House, 201 Lystra Estates Drive, Chapel Hill, Chatham County. Sold in 2002 to Stewart Gold and Donald Steinberg. Renovations by John Lindsey.

1974 - The G. Blake and Gail K. Alexander House, 3603 Stoneybrook, Durham. C. S. Witt was the builder. The house has real stucco, authentic Mexican saltillo tiles, and tile accents. 5261 sf. Winn's design was based on Raul Garduño's "Bicentennial House" in Diamond Bar CA, bottom photo. Located in the 17th green of Croasdaile Country Club. Sold to a second owner. Sold in 1997 to Elwyn and Friderun Simons. Sold in 2010 to Steven Graham and Ana Benitez-Graham.

1978 - The Robert D. Williams Residence, 1400 Arboretum Drive, Chapel Hill. Sold in 2001 to Lori and Julian Clark.

1978 - The Katherine and William Claypoole Residence, 3609 Stoneybrook, Durham NC. Sold in 1985 to Alex Gregory Ltd. Sold in 1989 to Gospel singer Shirley A. Caesar. Sold to Jerry W. and Peggy A. McLaurin. Sold in 2002 to Dennis Raczowski and Marcia Rementer. Renovations by architect Kim Anderson. Sold in 2017 to Sun Kai and Michael Paik.

1979 - The James Terry Sanford and Margaret Rose K. Sanford Residence, 2500 Auburn Street, Durham. Sold in 2003 to Charlotte and Banks Clark.

1979 - The David and Becky Pardue House, 2403 Oakwood Drive, Burlington NC. Sold in 2005 to J. D. and Cynthia Henderson. Architect Arielle Schechter added an outside fireplace, bottom photo by Iman Woods.

1981 - The James and Kathleen Leutze House, 2129 North Lakeshore Drive, Chapel Hill NC. Sold in 1995 to Joseph and Kathryn Walsh. Needs verification as a Winn house.

1986 - The Robert (Bob) Chapman and Vicky Lee Patton Residence, 2525 Lanier Place, Durham. As of 2016 still owned by the Chapmans. Bottom photo by Bob Chapman.

1986 - The Martin and Anne Bernholz Residence, 819 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill. Built by Henry Bridgers. Sold in 2003 to David and Kelly Young. Sold in 2010 to James Eastwood. Photo by Nicole Alvarez.

1989 - The Mark and Carol Owens House, 605 Bowden Road, Chapel Hill. Mark Owens grew up in a Winn house at 812 Kenmore Road, Chapel Hill. Sold in 1994 to Linda and Mark Lang. Photos by Linda Lang.

1991 - The Mack W. and Jo Overman House, 555 Oak Pointe Drive, Semora NC (Hyco Lake). For sale for the first time in 2016.


1997 - The Avis L. and Henry E. Bridgers III house, 74 Poplar Lane, Pittsboro. Built by Henry Bridgers. The original house plans burned up in the fire at Winn's home in 1994. The plans were redrawn and construction began in 1996. Deeded in 2015 to Avis L. Bridgers.  Sold in 2016 to Mimi Gussow. Henry Bridgers and Winn were friends and Henry built quite a few Winn houses.

Winn also designed an earlier house for Bridgers on Lamont Norwood Road, in Chatham County. Built by Henry Bridgers.

1998 - The Sumner Winn Renovation, his home/office at 127 Stateside Drive, Chapel Hill. Built by Mack Overman. After Winn's death in 2000, it was sold in 2001 to Cherie Kuzmiak and Stacy Kassebaum.

Year unknown - The Georgiade House, Pleasant Green Road, Hillsborough NC.  Built by Henry Bridgers.

Year unknown - The Jeff Gledhill House, Cedar Grove NC.  Built by Henry Bridgers.

Sources include: The Town and Gown Architecture of Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1795-1975 by M. Ruth Little, wife Genie Winn, John Lindsey, Ann Jacobi Brown, Peter Simon, Julian Clark, Cassandra Sloop, John Read, Linda Lang, Dail Dixon, and Marian Mueller, Henry Bridgers.