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Cogswell was born in Jacksonville FL.  He graduated in Drama from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1952 and served in the Air Force during the Korean War.  After attending the NCSU School of Design and graduating in 1959, he worked for Don Stewart at CPAA before opening up his own firm in 1962. In 1964, he hired Werner Hausler.  By 1967 they were partners in Cogswell Hausler, a firm that lasted several decades. The partnership at one time was named CHR for Cogswell, Hausler, and Alan Rimer.  One of their many notable commercial projects was the Duke Faculty Club (below).  When the partnership broke up, their records were also divided.  Records from Hausler, who died in 1999, were in a storage unit destroyed by Hurricane Floyd. 

In 1972, Cogswell was named an FAIA, the youngest architect (42) at the time ever to receive that honor.  His career exemplified former NCSU School of Design Dean Henry Kamphoefner’s conviction that “the social responsibilities are as vital as the design.” 

In his last years, he was occupied with an innovative process to relieve famine in Libya.  In perfect health, he died of an accidental head injury sustained while walking his dog.  Cogswell left a legacy of mid-century houses that are still prized today.  Posthumously, he received the AIA NC Kamphoefner Prize honor in 2012.

Werner Hausler

Cogswell Project List

2017 Tribute by Phil Szostak, Dail Dixon, John Lindsey, and Abie Harris

Additional Resources:  Archives at NC State University

Duke Faculty Club (destroyed), photo by Julie Hollenbeck.

1960 - The Arthur Cogswell House I, 5 Marilyn Lane, Chapel Hill, which won an award from AIA North Carolina. Sold to Graham Gibbard in 1969.  Sold to Samuel and Virginia Baron in 1972.  Sold in 2003 to Jesse Prinz and Rachel Bernstein, owners as of 2014.  Bottom photo by Leilani Carter.





1962 - The Bob Anderson House, 700 Kenmore Road, Chapel Hill.  Bob Anderson was an associate in Cogswell's firm.  Sold in 1965 to Joseph and Nancy Pagano.  LAnderson moved to a Don Stewart home on Brookview Drive.  Sold to Bernard Machen and his wife in 1975.  The Machens added a family room around 1979 and used Dail Dixon as the architect. Sold in 1991 to John and Helen Knapp who added a one car garage.  Sold in 2002 to Boyd A. (Xan) Gregg III and Bonnie Springer, owners as of 2014.  Photos by Xan Gregg.


1962 - The Mark and Jean Burnham Residence, 47 North Circle Drive, Chapel Hill.  1100 square feet.  Sold in 1963 to Kenneth and Lorelei Mather.  Sold in 1967 to Dennis and Katherine Marquardt.  Sold in 1970 to Gene and Shirley Talley.  Sold in 1971 to Joseph and Betsey Lowman. Sold in 1976 to Rita and Richard Mailman. Sold in 1991 to Joel and Teresa Erickson.  Sold in 1994 to Deborah D. Wolf.  Sold in 1996 to Beverly and Amos Tyndall. Sold in 2004 to Derrick & Chrissie Nehrenberg.  Sold in 2009 to Taran Rosenthal.

1962 - The Oscar K. and Hope S. (Rita) Rice Residence, 311 Clayton Road, Chapel Hill.  Built by Carl Ellington.  Deeded in 2010 to daughters Pamela and Margarita Rice.  Sold in 2013 to Valerie and Brad Merritt. For sale in 2019.

1962 - The James Prothro Residence, 306 North Elliott Road, Chapel Hill.  Built by Edward N. Mann. Sold in 1998 to Martin and Barbara Rodbell.  Sold in 2000 to Shelia Bryan.  Photo by Dail Dixon.  Sold in 2015 to Kathryn Fortlouis and Bradley W. Farran.


1962 - The Kurt W. and Mary Louise Back House, 2735 McDowell Road, Durham. 


1962 - The George C. and Jean H. Thrasher Residence, 325 Glendale Drive, Chapel Hill.  George Thrasher died shortly after moving in.  Sold in 1977 to Eugene Gressman.  Studio added 1978.  Main house is around 2130 sf; studio is 525 sf.  Sold in 2011 to Jerry Finn and Patricia Spakes who did a faithful renovation. 

1963 - The David Hill House, 205 Wood Circle, Chapel Hill.  Hill was an engineer and also built the house.  While Cogswell drew the plans, Hill always considered the house to be his own idea.  Features a unique concrete roof. Sold in 1971 to Joel Fleishman, still owner as of 2017.  Color photos by George Smart.


1963 - The Oscar A. Pickett Residence, 404 Clayton Road, Chapel Hill.  Built by Edward N. Mann. Five bedrooms. Sold in 1968 to Helen M. O'Brien.  Sold in 1969 to Mitchell Lyman.  Sold in 2008 to the Brookwood Corporation.  Sold in 2009 to Alison Valentine Smith.  For sale in 2017.

1964 - The Martin and Musia Lakin House, 2709 McDowell Street, Durham.  Commissioned 1963.  2167 square feet.  Sold for the first time in 2010 to Randi Lyders.

1963 - The Halliman H. and Shirley H. Winsborough Residence, 2719 McDowell Street, Durham.  Sold in 1967 to John and Nada Staddon.  Sold in 1987 to Robert and Holly Dykes.  Sold in 1995 to Radian.  Sold in 1999 to Radian International LLC. Sold in 1999 to Stacy and Thomas Nechyba.  Renovation around 2006 by Ellen Cassilly. Photo by Julie Hollenbeck.

1963 - The Donald D. and Donna J. Weir Residence, 21 Shady Lane, Chapel Hill.  Sold in 1971 to David Alfred C. Daw.  Sold in 1975 to Dietrich and Edna Schroeer.  Top photo by Leilani Carter, rest by Dietrich Schroeer.  Still owned by the Schroeers as of 2015.

1964 - The William J. and Dorothy Koch Residence, 401 Clayton Road, Chapel Hill.  Built by Charlie R. Parker.  Photos by Gordon Schenck.  Won an AIANC award in 1965.  Sold to Thomas Kenan in 1974 who added a dining room.  Sold to Joseph Rowand in 1986.  Sold to Mark and Joyce Fink in 1999.  Sold in 2002 to David and Lori Paquette.  Still owned by the Paquettes as of 2015.  Bottom photo by Trey Thomas.

1964 - The Carroll Hollis House, 104 Glendale Drive, Chapel Hill.   Sold in 1995 to Eleanor Rollins.  Sold in 2000 to Daniel London.  Sold in 2002 to Ralph McCaughan and Andrea Reusing, still owners as of 2014. Architect Louis Cherry did an substantial addition.  Color photos by James West

1964 - The Dean Smith House, 613 Morgan Creek Road, Chapel Hill.  Sold in 1975 to Margaret Ann Smith.  Sold in 1978 to Donald Whitenack.  Sold in 1983 to Stanley Black. Sold in 1987 to Burr Eichelman.  Sold in 1990 to Bert and Rheta Swain.  Sold in 2001 to Raschel and Riley Muse.  Sold in 2006 to Cheryl Wicker. Deeded in 2006 to Pearson Wicker LLC.  Sold in 2008 to Emily Kass and Charles Weinraub and extensively renovated by Phil Szostak. Sold in 2016 to David and Jean Haas.  

1964 - The William and Gloria Blythe House, 114 Hillcrest Circle, Chapel Hill.  Deeded to Gloria Blythe. Carport addition, kitchen and den additions by Dail Dixon.  Bedroom tower addition by Toby Savage and Cogswell.  Transferred to her estate in 2013. Transferred in 2014 to Anne D. Blythe.  Color photos by Julie Hollenbeck and Lucy Pittman.

1964 - The Enno E. Kraehe Residence, 205 Glenhill Lane, Chapel Hill. 2489 sf.  Sold in 1968 to Sydney and Pia Afriat.  Sold in 1972 to Parker and Janet Reist.  Sold in 2013 to Cornelia Stutz who did a renovation.  Top photo by Trey Thomas.


1965 - The John and Vivien Dixon Residence, 216 Glenhill Lane, Chapel Hill.   Willed to daughter Miriam Dixon in 2007.  Sold in 2011 to John and Virginia Bethea who did a 2012 renovation.

1966 - The Marion Townend House, 411 Clayton Road, Chapel Hill.  Marion  married Rupert Hanny and transferred title into their names. Sold in 1979 to Burke and Barbara Judd.  Sold in 2005 to Gail and Beryl Rosen.  Sold in 2014 to David Lanier/Edgar R Blount Jr. Trustees.  Color photo by Lucy Pittman.

1966 - The John I. Boswell, Jr. Residence, 505 Morgan Creek Road, Chapel Hill.  Bought by Patrick Martell in 2002.  Sold to Kuo Chan Fang and Wang Li-Rung in 2005.  Top 3 photos by Patrick Martell.  Bottom photo by Dail Dixon.

1966 - The Mott P. and Jane Blair Residence, 15 Pine Forest Drive, Siler City NC. Sold in 1993 to Ann W. and John P. Leonard.  Still owned by the Leonards as of 2015. Won an AIANC Award of Merit.  Built by Van Thomas Contractor of Siler City. 

1966 - The Will L. and Carolyn London Residence, 2211 Wilshire, Durham. 3900 square feet.  As of 2014 still owned by the Londons.  Featured in Home Building Ideas, Spring/Summer 1970.  Photos provided by Carolyn London.

1966 - The Earl Edward (Mitch) and Marlys Mitchell Residence, 220 Glenhill Lane, Chapel Hill.  Sold in 2012 to Ross Barrett and Danielle Coriale.   Sold in 2013 to Margaret Roth-Warren and Scott Warren. Top two photos by Julie Hollenbeck.  Other photos by Greg Taylor. 

1966 - The Ann and Arthur Johnson Residence, 451 Lakeshore Lane, Chapel Hill. 1.2 acres, with a striking view of the adjacent Eastwood Lake, perhaps the nicest vista in Chapel Hill.  Sold in 1998 to Jim and Jane Protzman.  They made three additions and numerous renovations, all nearly indistinguishable from the original structure.  Every part of the house seems as if it has always been there.  There's a Finnish-style sauna down by the water.  Renovations by Ken Friedlein.  Still owned as of 2017 by the Protzmans.

1967 - The Ellis and Virginia Rolett House, 640 Morgan Creek Road, Chapel Hill.  According to Ellis Rolett, "The house that we built was actually a second design. Arthur had originally designed a steel frame-stucco panel house, which we scrapped after the bids came in too high. (I had wanted something like the Farnsworth House!)  Some years after moving from Chapel Hill I was told that features of the unbuilt house were incorporated into the design of the Eastgate Fire Station."   

 Sold to John Carroll in 1974.  Sold in 1976 to Thomas and Vici Cook who still own it as of 2015.  B/W photos by Taylor Lewis and Ellis Rolett.  Color photos by Vici Cook.


1967 - The Thomas Gustin Kiffney and Patricia Kiffney House, 212 Glenhill Lane, Chapel Hill.  Built by Edward N. Mann.  Sold to their son Thomas G. Kiffney, Jr. who had Cogswell do a renovation.  Sold in 1981 to Jon and Carol Viegel.  Sold in 1988 to Craig J. Calhoun and Pamela Delargy.  Sold in 1996 to David and Linda Passman. Deeded to Linda Passman.  Photo by Leilani Carter.

1967 - The Victor and Elizabeth (Libby) Greulach House, 1815 South Lakeshore Drive, Chapel Hill.  Sold in 1986 to Michael William Hubbard.  Sold in 1993 to Stanley Fish and Jane Tompkins.  Sold in 1998 to David Hawkins.  Bottom photo by Leilani Carter.

   1967 - The Leonard White Residence, 211 Glenhill, Chapel Hill.  Sold to Scott McLean in 1990.

1968 - The Peter G. and Ida Philas House, 1704 Curtis Drive, Chapel Hill.  B/W photo by Taylor Lewis.  Sold to Harvey and Ruth Wagner in 1992.  Sold in 2017 to Amber A. Lombardi and Bradley G. Merritt.  Color photos by Lucy Pittman.

1968 - The Robert Black and J. Ormond Sanderson House, aka Straw Valley, 5420 Durham Chapel Hill Boulevard, Chapel Hill.  Designed by Cogswell-Hausler, who also did the other building (5504) on the property.  For years, the house and adjacent buildings were used as retail.  As of 2014 owned by Scott Bednaz, who renovated the site.


1968 - The Billy W. and Nancy (Lil) Royal Residence, 1703 Allard, Chapel Hill. Commissioned 1964.  Built by Roy McRee Spratt.  Project architect, Tim Fossey.  Photos by Julie Hollenbeck.  As of 2013 still owned by the Royals.  Photos by Trey Thomas.

1968 - The James O. Trogdon Residence, 1049 Neely Drive, Asheboro NC.  2754 sf.  Upon Mr. Trogdon’s death in the early 70’s, sold to architect Hyatt Hammond.  Sold to Jim Allen of J.H. Allen Construction. Sold in 1999 to W. Joseph Trogdon, Jr., James O. Trogdon’s nephew and president of SE Trogdon Construction Company.

1963 - The Carl Gottschalk Renovation, 1300 Mason Farm Drive, Chapel Hill NC. Commissioned 1961. A small Cape Cod, architect unknown, originally built in 1947. Charles Sappenfield did a renovation in 1963. Arthur Cogswell did a larger reovation/addition of great room/master suite in 1968, featured in Better Homes and Gardens, plus a 1969 addition of an auxiliary kitchen/dining/living area (creating an in-law suite). 1979 addition by Carl Gottschalk Jr., including converting the deck into a covered porch. Deeded to Susan Fellner in 1996. Garage added in 1996. Sold in 2005 to Brian and Heather Payne. Photos by Taylor Lewis. Top photo by Trey Thomas. The Paynes did an extensive kitchen renovation reverting back to the original 1947 dining room, redid the interior, and added a greenhouse.

1969 - The Arthur and Betty Cogswell House II, aka Seymore Haynes House, 308 North Elliott Road, Chapel Hill.  Won an AIANC award in 1971.  Upon divorce, transferred to Betty Cogswell.  Deeded to her heirs. Stabilization renovation by Phil SzostakSold in 2015 to Harrison E. Haynes and Chloe B. Seymore.  2015-2017 renovation designed and built by Charles Holden. Top two photos by Trey Thomas.

Early 1960's - The Dr. Isaac and Trudy Taylor Residence Addition, Martha's Vineyard MA. 

1969 - The Donald G. and Jane D. Mathews House, 1403 Gray Bluff Trail, Chapel Hill.   The Mathews had an addition done in about 1980, nearly doubling the size of the house.  They also added a garage cut into the hillside.  Werner Hausler was the architect for the renovation.  Sold in 1984 to Bret C. Williams.  Sold in 1986 to Robert and Sylvia Lauterborn.  They replaced the single-ply glass with thermopane and put on a new white rubber roof which insulates the house in the winter and reflects heat in the summertime.   B/W photos by Taylor Lewis.  Color photos by Bob Lauterborn.  Transferred to heirs in 2013.

1970 - The William H. May III Residence Remodeling, 611 Rock Creek Road, Chapel Hill.  Sold to Davor Vugrin in 1982.  Sold in 1985 to John L. Currie.  Sold in 1986 to Cheryl Comstock Hardman.  Sold in 2004 to Kambiz and Anne Zangi.  Photos by Julie Hollenbeck.


1971 - The Myron Silverman Residence, 320 Ridgecrest Drive, Chapel Hill. 
Sold in 2004 to Sam and Sashi Rao.  Bottom photo by Nicole Alvarez.

1972 - The Fred and Nancy Brooks Beach House, 321 Caswell Beach Road, Caswell Beach NC. Designed to be hurricane-proof.  Still owned by the Brooks as of 2010.

1973 - The Michael A. Stegman Remodel, 1514 Cumberland, Chapel Hill.  Sold in 1991 to Jonathan Bregman.  Sold in 1993 to Keith Quattrocchi.  Sold in 1996 to Lenore and Paul Martin.

Around 1973 - The Murray and Anne Sylvia Bonder Residence, 170 Autumn Drive, on Holt Lake in Smithfield NC.  Commissioned 1971.  Sold to Richard S. and Irene K. Robinson in 1980.  A dispute with Raleigh Federal Savings and Loan over the financing for the Robinsons made it to the NC Court of Appeals in 1982.  Sold in 1992 to Gary W. and Karen P. Lyon.



1974 - The Ann Paige Richardson and Tom Massengale Residence, 1503 Arboretum Drive, Chapel Hill.  Project architect, Toby Savage.  1980 addition by Joe Sam Queen of Waynesville; project architect Steve Arnaudin, bottom two photos.  Sold in 2001 to David and Deborah Threadgill.  Sold in 2014 to Carla Valetich and Andrew Leeb; they changed the exterior color.



1975 - The Joseph and Marjorie Davis Vacation House, 1116 Falling Stream, on Lake Trace in Sanford NC.  Gated community, not accessible to the public. Sold in 1992 to James and Barbara Davison.  Sold in 1994 to Tom and Luhan DeRemer who added a detached garage and completely renovated the house. 2300 square feet.  Sold in 2011 to Brooks and Michael Davino.

1975 - The George Harper Duplex, 216-218 McCauley Street, Chapel Hill.  Harper built it as a student rental.  William (Bill) Mullen bought it in 1982. According to Mullen, Werner Hausler did the design while working with Cogswell.  Addition put on in 2000.  Sold in 2011.

1977 - The Seymour and Sue Grufferman House, 4602 Oak Hill Road, Chapel Hill.  Sold in 1988 to Andrew Fekete and Deborah Walsh.  Sold in 2012 to Sue and Alvin Stutz.

1994 - The Scott J. Parker Remodel, 150 Dixie Drive, Chapel Hill.  Photos by Julie Hollenbeck and Nicole Alvarez.

Year unknown - The Bill Scarborough Residence.  Unbuilt.  A crescent-shaped house elevated in the trees. 

Year unknown - The Doug Brown Residence, Chapel Hill.  Unbuilt. 

Sources include:  Arthur Cogswell, AIANC, The Town and Gown Architecture of Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1795-1975 by M. Ruth Little, Xan Gregg, Bonnie Springer, Saniel Bonder, Patrick Martell, Scott McLean, Dail Dixon, Ellis Rolett.